The Dominion Post reports public servant Carrie Buckmaster has delivered a petition to Parliament which is long overdue.

From the report it appears Carrie wants Parliament to stop public servants sexually assaulting the public. “The public service is particularly susceptible to the misuse of power for sexual gain,” Carrie is quoted saying.

She’s right on the mark. The public outside the capital have no idea what we Wellingtonians endure. Time and again our office girls step out into the street and return, pantsless, their clothes in tatters, having been violently ravished in Lambton Quay.  They say the worst offenders are Foreign Affairs personnel two blocks away and as a result now refuse to visit a building we own opposite.

Our Wellington manager Aaron Leech then said he’d handle matters in the building.

Aaron is 6ft 6 inches but even his size proved no immunity. He came in dazed and exhausted the other day, having been foolish enough to walk past the Department of Women’s Affairs. Four very large females emerged, dragged him into an alley and had their way with him.

I’ve complained to the offending Departments but to no avail, they argue their raping and assaulting is an entitlement for low salaries.

I suppose they have a point and so I am not optimistic for any improvement from Carrie’s petition.




Funny! – I just wish the Public Service would realize they operate on stolen money and organize a petition to end this scam; to abolish themselves and leave NZ far better off.

    ‘Stolen money’? Those sorts of comments are infantile in the extreme.
    No matter who you are, what you do, how much money you have, you live in a society and taxes are what allows that society to operate. You have benefited from those tax payments every day of your life, from birth and to your death. Your ludicrous comment is that of the vacuous anarchists of the extreme left or the equally vacuous libertarians of the extreme right.

      Strange, I’ve never heard a court decide that because some stolen money indirectly or directly benefited the victim the money wasn’t stolen in the first place. It would be a novel defence. You should try it some time.

Alas, what happened to Mr. Leech’s cane?

My father always blamed the Beatles. No prelim inquiries, no endless select committees, no Royal Commissions, the Beatles ……….It was Poirot intelligence and he got his man, or in some cases his woman…………we did not have any other genders in those days. Carrie will have to clarify all the new genders in the public service so we know whose assaulting whom or Him, or Her or the alphabet of genders,,,,,,,,,,,,or ban the song ” Stand by your Man”…………..or the Beatles “I wanna hold your hand “

Have a look in your top drawer. You may find your missing sense of humour in there Peter.

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