The above is a Stuff website heading.

If there was a prize for the worst sample of stating of the obvious, that heading surely takes the cake.

What was the story about? Does it matter? When it comes to Trump, the only question is how and why could this abomination end up as President? It’s a horror story inducing a deep pessimism about the contemporary world and its future.


When wondering how Trump got in, look no further than the alternative.
Hillary Clinton following a long period of Obamma.
I think Mickey Mouse stood a chance.

    Many a true word spoken in jest. I like Tulsi Gabbard. In addition to her distinguished US military background which for a woman would have been challenging to say the least, she’s the only Dem to have called AOC out on her infantile suggestion to reduce greenhouse gases by grounding all aircraft in and out of the US

    She also added a dash of humour by suggesting during the interview, that most Americans would struggle to swim to their annual Hawaiian vacation that year.

The only time he’s not shooting himself in the foot is when he’s stopping to reload his gun.
Heard on PBS yesterday. Gold.

    Yep – it’s all part of the tactic of ‘unpredictability’. Kind of shock therapy for the Dems. Like the Mongoose and the Cobra.
    In the meantime, with bullet.holes in each foot and both colt 45’s smoking, he’s keeping his promises. All Americans have many more jobs, illegal immigrants are down 65%, US businesses are coming home again and Hillary’s fangs are growing through lack of victims. In 2 years not a bad result.

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