Despite the cowardly, anonymous and ignorant hate mail Garrick Tremain has apparently received (offset by a flood of supporting messages I’ve received for my piece about him last week), the man showed he’s a true humourist and knocked out the cartoon below.

All of this raises the question how long before Massey University exploits this situation and opens a Department of Offense-Taking?


The cartoon was not racist, but it was extremely insensitive. Also, it was pathetically weak, almost childish humour. Neville lodge was much better than this.

What was insensitive is the appalling behavoir of those in charge of the countries health service. 72 dead as of today. So far I haven’t seen any personage front up and say, sorry, we made a bad decision and your kids have died. Tremains play on words finally woke the woke. If some were offended, then too bad.

My alltime favourite is the bunch of pre-European Maori on the seashore looking out to an approaching sailing ship. One says “At last. Somebody to blame”.

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