The relevant authorities yesterday announced Sydney air quality is now at hazardous levels. Adding to God’s apparent wrath at Australians, he’s now arranged for temperatures across Australia, including Sydney, to hit the mid-40s.

My Sydney based ex-wife is due today to stay for the summer and escaped the horror. She has options. Most folk don’t.

As I wrote a month or so ago, all that’s happening in Australia is exactly that forecasted by climatologists 3 years ago. It is untenable and over the next few years we can reasonably assume a major migration hitting our shores from our Tasman neighbour. How we cope with this demands our Government prepare a contingency plan now.


Bob – you have caught the climate alarmism bug. I lived in Sydney in the 1970s – I remember 40 – 43 degree days at this time of the year. The highest ever recorded temperature in Sydney was in 1939 at 47.8. (Source left leaning Climate Alarmist ABC)

It’s all those years of V8 Fords and Holdens…….

Of course God hates the Aussies, everyone does. They’d get on a bit better without the sledging; a feral, infantile, tedious, and embarrassing mask for insecurity. It’s a pity to bring the game down. Mind you, with their lineage maybe we ought to pray for Huey to ease up a bit on the smoke; they don’t know any better.

    surely you project Nige, you miserable c*nt. The intimidation didn’t seem to work against the ockers, did it? Perhaps those humble kiwis should stick to playing only teams they can bully, like the bangles. LOL!!!!!

      · On reflection, the epithet is richly deserved.
      · What started as an attempt at humour drifted into a dispiriting mess. The posting is a balls-up, the intent is far from apparent and so…
      · We could search the globe and fail to find a single soul who has anything but the very greatest affection for Australia. Don’t say anything, of course, but they’re marvellous neighbours and we’re very lucky to have them.
      · To suggest otherwise is absurd; hence the suggestion.
      · Hand on heart; I somehow wasn’t aware at the time of posting quite what a week of it they were having.
      · In my line of work we use all the words, all the time. However, when it comes to the h-word uniquely, nobody goes there. I’ve only ever heard it used ironically.
      · Regarding the game, perhaps we’re all human after all! Perhaps it’s all a just a matter of judgement and taste.
      · As for penmanship, one might say I’ve got nothing left to prove and so this is my last posting on this, and all other subjects and sites.
      · Apologies all round.
      Crayons next.

Sydney, with 6 million people has massive urban heat-island effect going on, driven in large part by pervasive use of air conditioning in hot summer months. That makes it 3-10°C hotter than surrounding countryside. Of course it has gotten much hotter in Sydney as a result. But the surrounds are only up about 1°C since the 19th Century.

Sir Bob – you should try spending (enduring?) a summer in Houston! makes Sydney seem like Invercargill

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