A former British copper, Harry Miller is currently arguing the validity of a hate crime Police warning in the British High Court. This followed a Humberside Police officer turning up at his home and issuing a hate-crime warning, adding they would be “monitoring his thinking.”

Miller’s offence? Taking the mickey out of the new fad “transgender self-identification.” By way of example, one of Miller’s posts read, “I was assigned mammal at birth, but my orientation is fish. Don’t mis-species me.”

Laughing at groups is not promoting hatred, rather it’s a wonderful and uniquely British contribution to the world since the advent in the 1960s of the new satirical culture. The truly splendid British satirical television comedy series over the subsequent half century, under the new order would all be serious criminal offences.

The high point was reached with “Little Britain” which took the mickey out of homosexuals, cross dressers, politicians, Indians, Blacks, fat people, the working classes; well basically everyone and was the most loved television satire series of any that had preceded it. If someone is upset by this, the easy solution is not to watch it.

Where to draw the line? Take the television advert which briefly appeared here a quarter century back. Without explanation it showed line-dancers in action for about 20 seconds. Then they disappeared and were replaced by a printed message targeting school-kids. “If you waste your school years and don’t study hard, this is how you could end up,” it read, followed by the sponsor’s name, specifically “The New Zealand Department of Education.”

It was pulled after a few days following bitter complaints by line dancers. Yet the message was valid. By any measure line dancing is screamingly wet and deserving of ridicule and for example, even despite our degraded universities it’s difficult to imagine any possessor of a university degree participating, media studies and sociology perhaps excepted.

A month back a newly-formed British university teachers body issued a statement saying that henceforth viz a viz universities, anyone is whoever they choose to identify themselves as. An Irishman promptly declared himself a negro. Furthermore, he was totally serious. Apart from yet again evidencing what anyone who’s lived long enough knows, namely that despite their particular field of knowledge, when it comes to so-called academics, specially in the humanities, by far the majority are full of entitlement, not too bright and bone idle, and were talking nonsense on this matter.

This is serious stuff. Apart from taking the fun out of life, this Orwellian trend to regiment all thinking is a massive threat to the open society and its well proven virtues.

In response, last week 60 prominent British Professors came out deploring this silliness, stating, regardless of how you “feel” in your mind, if you’re born male then the cold hard fact is you are male. But in an open society such folk are free through the use of the surgeon’s knife and diverse chemicals, plus clothing and mannerisms to change their appearance, but biologically they will remain males.

That’s their choice. What upset the Profs were their WOKE-imbued underlings toying with hard facts and the language.


I was in the UK a few weeks ago driving on the M1 when I heard this on Radio 4. Nearly crashed the car. “monitoring his thinking” indeed.

What happens if you identify as a different race to what you were born?

Was he thinking “GFY”?

There is precedent here- viz. Viz’s ‘Billy the Fish’

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