University of East London Psychology lecturer, a half-wit called Sonia Falck, has demanded calling someone a “nerd” or “smarty-pants” to be categorized as a criminal hate crime offence. She claims this upsets high intelligent people.

Two points.

First, it will come as no surprise to learn that her university currently ranks in a mediocre 116th place (out of 131) in Britain.

Second, it will also not surprise to learn that in the millions plus I’ve given for humanities’ scholarships over the last quarter century, I’ve excluded psychology for consideration.

This Orwellian regimentation zest is dangerous and will best be defeated by ridicule.


Jonathan Haidt is a psychologist worthy of following, He’s a founder of the Heterodox Academy which is dedicated to beating down all this Woke snowflake BS.

Oh, well. So you can’t claim anything of the credit and caliber of a Jordan Peterson. So sad.

Hoping you’re right about that last comment Sir Bob…for there’s little doubt it’s the defining feature of the year…this utterly baffling succumbing to wokedom across all facets of life.

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