The above news headline came as no surprise when it comes to George, a true Wallaby great. He spent much of his playing time intimidating referees about their alleged incorrect calls and they became visibly twitchy in his presence.

Equally, it was unsurprising to learn that as in his playing days, George had been hyperactive and built a portfolio of diverse business.

But reference to the legal stoush brought back fond memories of a wonderful Tom Scott cartoon.

From recall it was the day before a Wellington All-Blacks-Wallaby test and the major news-item was Gregan’s inability to play through injury, rare for him as he was super tough.

Tom portrayed a room with on it’s door a sign, “REFEREES ROOM.” Inside looking wide-eyed and distraught, all biting their nails sat a bunch of referees. The caption read of one of the ref’s speaking, “How will we cope without George’s riding instructions?”

I’m picking he’ll win his “legal stoush,” whatever it’s about, regardless of the facts.

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