We’re coming up to a year now since an Aussie loner living in Dunedin where he made no waves, took it upon himself to pop up to Christchurch and commit a mass murder of Moslems. He’s been incarcerated ever since. But why no trial?

The Americans are rightly condemned for their disgusting now near two decades of holding Moslem captives in Guantanamo Bay without trial. Prior to his election Obama pledged to end this unconstitutional outrage and have them shipped to America to be duly charged and tried. Once elected he did nothing. Of the original 775 detainees shipped there, all but 45 have since been released, most having been found to have been wrongfully imprisoned.

An Al Jazeera journalist has been imprisoned in Egypt for almost 3 years now, without charges being laid. There’s lots of similar examples in other African despotic nations, plus China, North Korea and the like. We expect such abuses from these dictatorships. But in New Zealand? Surely not.

Given that this is a clear-cut matter, why the Police silence and lack of action? If the defence is going to be insanity then they’ve had more than enough time to garner supporting evidence. Instead, all that’s happened is Justice Sir Willie Young has been taken out of Court action to conduct an utterly pointless enquiry.

This delay is a scandal and a blot on our justice system.


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