Having watched all of the debates (and over the duration periodically changed my mind) I’ve finally settled on my dream team from the current field of largely no-hoper hopefuls. They’re Amy Kloburchar with Pete Buttigeig as her running mate. Why? Simple? They’re the smartest and least cliché dependent.

Buttigeig is making considerable headway in the polls but has a stumbling block with black and Latino voters. That’s presumably due to his homosexuality, black African nations for example, openly demonstrating antipathy and many treat homosexuality as a serious criminal offence. With the Latinos possibly this is the Catholicism factor.

But no matter as most attention focuses on the Presidential candidate. In debate Amy, a very smart women with excellent credentials eats her opponents and I believe would make a monkey out of Trump. That certainly won’t be the case with colourless Biden, fortunately now fading in the polls and who brings absolutely zilch to the table. His sole policy platform it would seem is that he’s not Trump.

Democracies have repeatedly shown they love fresh faces. Amy is the obvious one to garner an enthusiastic public support. The primaries are to commence soon and are likely to be contentious and inconclusive, thereby inviting someone new to carve through the morass.

Don’t write her off.


Klobuchar is one of the “bottom feeders” in the race (4.3 percent in aggregate polls) and will likely run out of money soon. Mayor Pete is dropping in the polls and will likely join the lowest polling candidates and not qualify for televised debates. The primary elections on March 3rd “Super Tuesday” will be the day of reckoning for most of them. The Dems do not realise it but they are all competing to be the political equivalent of the goat in “Jurassic Park”. I find it all highly amusing.

“His sole policy platform it would seem is that he’s not Trump”. That may be all that is needed. Many 2016 Trump voters probably made their choice based on the fact that he wasn’t Hillary.

Agreed in Buttigieg and Klobuchar being probably the best of those still left in the debates. The key question for the Democrats is really about not shooting themselves the foot like last time and forwarding someone who can actually defeat Trump (what an outlandish statement that would have once seemed to many). It seemed dismal for a while with the candidates competing with each other about how extra progressive they could be, but even now (to use a cliche) it’s not over till it’s over. Outside of the debates I still think Yang is the most genuine (his policies aside) and in the hypothetical scenario it was him he would beat Trump for better or worse. Still I get the sense right now that what Americans are really wanting/moving collectively towards is Sanders vs Trump, which is what really should have happened last election, but it’s a shame if that is still where they are at.

Well, Biden is still fading… 🙂 Will he make it to mid-term is the question.

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