Copycat Mad Speech Fads

The latest, always a sign of stupidity in its users, is the “women of colour” absurdity. We certainly never hear “men of colour”, its usage being the domain of lightweight fad – following females. Everyone is “of colour”. If they weren’t they’d be invisible. Even those without skin pigment, specifically albinos are “of colour”, in their case snow white.

Related to that is the constant representation of Chinese as non-white. In a recent article on Chinese kids’ eye-problems (too much studying apparently) the ‘Economist’ compared their statistical incidence of this affliction with “white 17 year olds in Britain”.  Urban Chinese have the whitest skin of any race, solely because of snobbishness, they associating brown skin with peasantry and thus they avoid the sun.

The irony of this article is it was accompanied by a photo of a Chinese class-room, all the teenage kids shown with heads down reading. More salient, all wore short sleeve tops revealing almost snow-white arms.

For the record the natural human colouring for all humans is white. When our first ape ancestors descended from the trees and eventually stood upright on the ground, doubtless to gibbering warnings from the conservatives staying behind, gutless conservativism having temporarily blocked human progress ever since, they soon began venturing out into open spaces. Away from the continuous shade of their former tree habitat and into the sun, over time their fur stopped growing, they no longer needing its warmth provision, thus exposing their white skin.   And again over time, the skin darkened to protect it from the sun.

As any anthropologist or scientist will tell you, skin colour is a direct reflection of the degree of sun exposure. Far too much is made of it.  Bang 10,000 tiny black African pigmies in Sweden and DNA historic evidence says in about 5,000 years or so, they’ll become 6ft blue-eyed blondes. So too the reverse.


Couldn’t agree more. Sheer absurdity on so many levels is the new fad term woman of colour.

Fashion and evolution. Negro, probably the most accurate description became unfashionable to be replaced with ” Black “.
The absurdity of this was not lost when viewing the very few a actually ” black ” gathering under that banner. Possibly they felt ” beige ” lacked impact ?
Look no further than New Zealand’s own ” Black Power ” gangs…( with their white race superiority insignia ) for even greater absurdity.
Perhaps to reflect the growing womens movement a unique title was demanded. The opportunity to acquire something accurate or even sensible was lost .
I wonder what fashion reflective , politically correct ” woke ” newtitle will be the replacement ?

White is not a colour

    If white isn’t a colour, then neither is green or purple or brown etc! For white is product of all the colours of the rainbow as green is Product of yellow and blue.

It’s an attempt to lay claim to two categories of ‘victimhood’ at once, the narrative of which is often instantly blown up when factoring in Asians as you demonstrate.
The ironic thing is the effective full circle back to the term ‘coloured people’ which is considered beyond the pale – despite having no qualitative difference other than being pithier.

The use of the terms Black and White is too, well, black and white, try holding something genuinely white (or black) against your skin. It’s (intended to be?) dehumanising; reduced to a colour. We’re all, pretty much, a shade of brown.

Completely agree. As a health professional, I advise and consult and help people. I do not see colour, creed or race. I help humans.

David can’t distinguish between light and pigments. White is no colour for pigments (with black as all colours.). For light, it is the other way around.

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