What a topsy turvy process the Democrat Party’s Presidential race has proven – but remember, it ain’t over yet.

Now that the three cleverest and most appealing candidates are out, namely Klobuchar, Buttigieg and Bloomberg, the race is essentially down to unelectable angry Bernie and boring Biden.

There’s still a way to go but to win one must secure 1991 delegates. At the moment Biden has 566 and Bernie 501.

Add mad Pocahontas Warren’s 61 to Bernie’s total and he has 567, but then add Bloomberg’s 53, Buttigieg’s 26 and Amy’s 7 and Biden has 657, that is 90 more than Sanders. Still that’s just the halfway mark in this now two horse race.

Next week there’s a swag of states voting and who can possibly guess the outcome? So it will go to the final Convention.

One thing’s certain. Trump and his followers will be desperately praying the Democrats are dumb enough to opt for mad Bernie, America’s Corbyn clone.

Bernie’s appeal a few days ago to Texas voters to vote with their hearts recalled the delightful memory of Laila Harre who asked on election night to what she attributed her defeat to, famously remarked “Unfortunately the voters voted with their heads rather than their hearts”.

If unwittingly Laila’s probably got blood on her hands as probably dozens of viewers dropped dead with heart attacks after hearing that.



So all is going to the Obama run Democrat Parties Plan then?
I pick Biden as the nominee with Kamala Harris chosen (by Obama) as VP.
Look for Mike Pence to be moved sideways and Trump choose Nikki Hayley as his VP running mate

    I think they’ll need a Southerner to balance out the ticket so Stacey Abrams (Georgia House of Reps, Council on Foreign Relations) could get the VP nod. I seriously doubt that Mike Pence will be replaced as he is doing a solid job and hasn’t (yet) fallen out with the notoriously fickle President Trump. I like Nikki Haley but I think she is making too much money in the private sector to want the job and she needs to recoup the large financial debt she incurred during her time as UN ambassador.

notice the NZ news media will go very quiet about Trump, If he wins a second term they are going to look very stupid !!

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