“Maria Folau’s former club fined $100,000 for breaching salary cap”,

So proclaimed the heading to oblivion Stuff website.

The reality: The fine was not $100,000 but instead, $10,000 with the proviso that if they did it again it would increase to $90,000. Furthermore, it was an accident which when discovered, to their credit, the club had advised of this technical breach.

But here’s the issue. What on earth did this story have to do with Maria Folau? Well, as it transpired, absolutely nothing at all, after all, note the qualification “former club”.

Imagine the loser who wrote this headline. Odds are, a world class loser. If editors have a grain of integrity they’d have that no-hoper out of the door post-haste.

It’s this sort of creationism which explains why journalists are constantly held in such public contempt.


So glad this was called out. I thought I was the only one incensed by it

Exactly. However this the standard M.O for stuff.

It has to do with Maria Floau because the STuff staff are bigots and want to stick anything to Folau they can. Quite simple really, StuffUp are the kings of sleaze.

    Bigots?. I dont think so.i think they are just ill -trained and dont think beyond an angle. Any angle whether it is plainly silly or not. And often they can’t write plain English either…dont get me going…

Dont know about bigots. Just incompetents, badly trained whose only aim seems to be to find an angle regardless of the facts. As for their English ..dont get me started on that

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