With all the gloomy news dominating the media, here’s a truly joyous story you may have missed.

An evidently still alert American woman last week celebrated her 100th birthday.

Reflecting on her long life she apparently remarked that the one age-old human experience she’d

never experienced was being arrested and incarcerated.

Presumably her family acted on this for a few hours later two Police-officers turned up. They straight-faced arrested then handcuffed her and banged her into the police-car.  She apparently

caused some damage to the officer sitting beside her with some vicious kicking.

Then with sirens going and lights flashing they sped to the police-station where they formally charged

her with gross indecency. Following the standard photographing she was then locked in a cell, before being released 5 minutes later.

Cops get a bad rep, to a large extent deserved, but full credit to that Police Department for this

delightful episode.

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