NUDITY – The answer to the Gloom

Britain’s Nudists, or, more specifically to quote them correctly, The British Naturalists Association, has demanded naturalism be officially recognised as a philosophy. Why?

Because, they say, when people take the piss about them they can lay hate speech complaints with the Police.

Some points arise.

First. They don’t have to be formally recognized as a philosophy to do this now, so long as they’re a recognizable group.

Second; This is yet another example of that much mis-used word “philosophy” applied by all and sundry to describe individual whims.

Finally, the buggers should get with it. Naked street protest marches are the proper Wokish behaviour. Do that and they’ll make real progress, attention-seeking wise, albeit not so much in a membership gaining effect. That’s because one senses this is currently the domain of mad middle-aged women and bearded middle-aged bachelor school-teachers. Not an appealing sector of society for lonely folk seeking companionship.

Their best approach to gain respect is to hire a couple of dozen young attractive women for their protests, to march naked. Memberships will then soar.

In fact, knowing young women there’ll be no need to pay them, they being always eager to engage in flaunting and naturalism offers the perfect excuse to do it, allegedly for honourable purpose.

In these gloomy times this should be encouraged.


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