The Catholics have suspended masses, the Moslems acting similarly with attendances at their principal mosques in Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, and so it goes.

I don’t get it.

Either the buggers believe their God will look after them or they don’t. Frankly, they’re hypocrites.

So credit to Bishop Tamaki for alone displaying sincerity in his belief, nonsense though religion is. I say that as His Grace is boxing on with services in his Destiny Church.

Plainly the good Bishop accepts that if the Christian God, being the alleged creator of all life including viruses, wants to inflict this on people, then it would be blasphemous to question the bearded nightie-wearer’s judgement. Quite right too.

I’d doff my hat to him was I wearing one but I’m indoors, hiding out from the creator’s latest lark, namely coronavirus and thus I’m hatless.


His Naughtiness seems to have been rather ruthless in using his disciples to spread his lark far and wide, even here, with no regard for their welfare. His good Bishop Tamaki has obviously taken that hint on board.

Careful, given the hats bishops have one assumes God likes headwear.

Thanks Bob! Laughter is the best medicine!

Quite right, Bob. Christians are showing a lack of faith by not turning up for their weekly groveling sessions.

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