I can’t believe Playboy magazine, so screamingly yesteryear in the internet age, has only now cried enough. By all accounts its sales were miniscule.

Cop this though. A Playboy executive was quoted saying the decision to end it, “accelerated a conversation we’ve been having internally”. Translate that gibberish and apparently they all started talking much faster.

This current “conversation” fad is matched by seemingly every conceivable commercial activity, be they plumbers or cat-food suppliers, incorporating “Solutions” in their company name.

Dodge them. Their name is a no-hoper give-away.


True Bob. And what about all the wankers who are always “reaching out” not to mention the “learnings” they’re receiving.

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Thanks Bob – I am just reaching out and I thought I would throw this one out there in that we can chalk this up in our learning’s, as an engagement opportunity; our recent survey indicated a communications weakness in certain areas that will be addressed in our squads – bs millennial speak.

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    Millennial speak? That’s a new one. Strikes me more as middle aged, middle manager, empty suit cliche.

    Millennial b.s is on a whole other level above that if anything.

    An extra layer of abstraction away from reality arguably, since most either don’t have jobs, ‘real’ jobs, or positions of authority – with a lower headcount than the older generations.

    That’s not even mentioning the *next* generation, as much as generational categories are worth anything.

    But the children are the future.


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