What a year to date!

We opened with the White Island horror, this quickly superseded by the horrendous Australian bushfires.

Not content with that, God, who either has a malicious streak or is simply incompetent, then lays a new Black Death on the world, all this inside 3 months. What next one wonders, to top all of that. My pick, an alien invasion from outer space. Let’s hope they arrive with peaceful intent, unlikely though given the trend.


Hello Sir Bob. Hey, while you mention God, and tend to lay blame on him, don’t forget Sir, that there is also satin who is more likely to be having a go at us humans. Might pay to have a read of the story of Jobe. Perhaps God is giving satin a new reminder of the power of faith, which of course, will be the stronger.

My wife recently bought a new set of satins for the bed, they’re not as bad as you make out Hank.

    I like Egyptian 600 thread cotton myself. We all make typo’s from time to time, nothing to be ashamed of hence leaving my full name, unlike yourself.

The Chinese laid the current plague on us, not God. Hopefully the aliens will attack Wuhan first.

    Perhaps it is in revenge for the opium wars you laid on us, that essentially enslaved large parts of the Chinese population.

    But seriously, ‘the Chinese’ did this? No. Some backward people in a backward part of China who still adhere to primitive beliefs did. Your views are clearly racist and fit your handle of Magoo, who was a short sighted idiot. And yes, it may surprise you that I watched this and many other US cartoons in China as a child.

    You seem to be obsessed with a view that China and Chinese are evil.
    I would suggest after all this is over you spend an extended stay and travel in China. You will find that there is not really such a thing as ‘China’. The country I was born into and raised in has seven different languages, hundreds of dialects and many different ethnic groups (Turkmen, Han, Tartar and many others. White people also.). Many religions (Catholic is the main religion in my Province, and Buddhism and Islam elsewhere). And as evil as communism has been at times, without it China would not have made the massive strides of the last few decades.

    The bigotry, racism and the belief that there is one ‘right’ political and belief system is what led to the USA terrorism in the invasion of Iraq.

      My wife and mother of my 3 children is Chinese and I have already spent extended time in China. I think you need to have a lie down a cup of tea, and a rest as the chances of the aliens attacking Wuhan first a very slim so theres not ntoo much to worry about.

Sir Bob what have we done wrong for God to punish us like this? All we need now is for the Alpine Fault to snap and NZ, especially the South Island, will be devastated.

Sir Bob, what have we done to deserve this treatment from God? All we need now is for the Alpine Fault to snap and NZ, especially the South Island, will be devastated.

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