On Monday I shall be out-lining on this blog why this year’s election will be a landslide victory for the Opposition and also mark the demise of the Green Party.

I’ve tried to make money on this and failed as everyone I’ve proposed a wager with has 100% agreed.

“Everyone” incidentally, includes some prominent figures from academia, commerce and politics.


I sincerely hope this prediction goes better than the one about the American elections.

Interesting – given the over the top praise of Jacinda (between this and previous crises) I had considered her odds of victory rather strong along with the advantage of incumbency and blasé opposition.
To my mind the counterpoint would be that diseases provoke an advantage for ‘right-wing’ politics and the looming economic picture.

Is this a 180 given recent events from your early thoughts on green politics?

I’d always be uneasy when I find agreement with 100% consensus.

Regardless, will be intrigued with what you have to say.

Agree with this prediction, I think they have a great front person but the rest other than Robertson come across as a bunch of no hopers.

The perception that Ardern is the greatest PM the country has ever had is partly (if not completely) because of the contrast between her and the rest of the coalition cabinet.

I agree, but with the additional possibility of NZ First also going down the dunny. I suppose that depends on whether the Minister of Porn Shane Jones can keep a firm grasp on his seat up north or not though – Kiwis wont forget what NZ Last did last time.

The Greens are gone

Topham-Guerin, the political/social media gurus, are playing a big part in the ‘marketing JA’ effort right now.

I truly hope you are right with your prediction .. our country could do with some positive news!

In the past I’ve occasionally wondered what it would be like to live in a Maxist police state. Now, thanks to Jacinda, I know. I have to say I loath it with everything in my being and will be doing everything possible to vote Jacinda and company back into touchey-feely land for a very long time.

Magoo … Shane Jones doesn’t have a seat ‘up North’ to hold. Contested five elections for both Labour and Winston First and lost every one.

    The Veteran: Yes, but that’s what the NZ First only chance for the next election though isn’t it, hence Shane Jones using the provincial fund to bribe the northland voters.

I will gladly take a bet with you on this Sir Bob. I will wager that the next election will not see a landslide victory for the opposition and the demise of the Greens. Given your confidence on this surely you will offer me odds of 3/1?

New Zealand needs a total change to its political system. Get rid of M. M. P.
New Zealand needs a Swiss Federal system of government.

Interesting business proposal, Bob. Before I take up your bet and in the interests of full disclosure to assess financial reward vs risk…when you initiated defamation proceedings last year, what odds were you giving at the time that you would end up paying the respondents legal costs? 😉

I hope you are right Sir Bob. While I have been comforted and surprised at how well Jacinda and Robertson have handled the virus lockdown the rest of the coalition are muppets and the further back into the distance we are able to consign the Greens the better. They are irrelevant now

Monday, 8.05am… I’m keen to read your comment. Dead keen.

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