The warring factions in Yemen have agreed to stop killing one another for a two weeks truce.

And why? Because they’re worried about the virus.

Presumably they’ve gone into lockdown for a fortnight, then all going well, can emerge and get on with murdering one another. That would sound perfectly reasonable to the Beehive inhabitants.


Alastair Gustafson April 12, 2020 at 1:34 pm

In some circles this will go down like a ton of bricks:

A 70 year old man with poor health walks into a room of ten men and asks them to say at home because he might die. Of those ten men: four loose their jobs, three declare bankruptcy and divorce cause the money runs out, two are arrested for domestic violence and one commits suicide, and all because a 70 year old man with poor health might die.

lock up the vulnerable people, but let everyone else back to their business. Kids should be back in school…spreading the virus, them & their parents are going to find they have little or no symptoms..then we end up with what they call Herd Coverage…around 80% of the population. This will be enough to protect the vulnerable, this lock down is going to do is delay the inevitable, get it over with..3 weeks should be enough for a Virus to do what it does.

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