Thank God (and me). There’s an obvious solution to ending the mindless economic sabotage being inflicted on us by a government ignoring the clear evidence.

It’s so bloody elementary. We simply get Jacinda certified. We’ve had appropriate legislation ever since the 1846 Lunatics Ordinance Act. Current requirements are a single doctor’s certificate.

Jacinda, having reduced our circa 3,500 GPs to penury, will see them all fighting for the signing privilege. Changing the set of lunatics around her won’t bother Jacinda and the fresh crop in the asylum will doubtless be more receptive to her babble about teddy bears and the like.

Modesty prevents me saying I’m a genius but readers are free to.


Maybe just call yourself clever Bob, don’t forget that some forms of genius are borderline lunatics. You don’t want to be co-habiting with Jacinda and her mates!

Keep up the good work!

On point once again – brilliant!

How many times have we heard the slogan “Went hard, went early” (so far)
Shame it’s not true.
Un-tested Travelers were still waltzing through our airport days before the lockdown with a very polite, please self isolate if you wouldn’t mind.
For a nation with our geographical advantages to have cases of coret19 around our main airport is disappointing but for it to travel right around the country is criminal.

Just started following your site and have to say thoroughly enjoying all and everyone of your comments. By the way it has been a long time since you travelled with me on the Continental Airlines inaugural flight to Los Angeles and the strange thing, for me, is that nothing changes in this mad world. Keep it up Bob you are still the exasperating voice of reason. It was Sartre who wrote the Age of Reason but sadly it never arrived. Cheers, Bill.

IMF “Biggest depression or recession in 100 years”
WW2 “Hold my beer…”

The stats speak for themselves Bob, you have already stuff the country yourself by splitting the vote when you ran for parliament. Short memory sir

The other 3,499 doctors could be mollified by giving them the opportunity to do the same for the rest of the Cabinet or at least as many as can be found.

However that leaves the problem of the nation being in the hands of the police and the Health Department.

Somewhat ironic that we cleared the decks of our health providers in expectation of a situation that those very health providers ensured wasn’t going to happen.

Her government was still promoting the Christchurch massacre memorial service (another of her PR moments) until the last minute, just a few days before the lockdown. I call this Government the ‘kneejerk’ policy Government

Not sure about their timely response, her lot were still promoting the Chch massacre memorial service (her big PR moment) until the last minute. I call this government the ‘kneejerk’ policy makers

My 5 cents (now worth 4) – spend a few billion saving 100,000 oldies who would have karked it with the flu, curtail freedom and cause significant economic chaos and social disruption, then bail out employees and businesses who can’t plan a month in advance, print more money to support the pyramid scheme that is the global economy, avoid blaming anyone in society who passed the virus on (not even thinking about manslaughter charges), then blame China and send them the invoice, but fold under pressure for better trade deals, then blame the opposition.

Sorry Bob – your logic is faulty. Jacinda is simply following the advice of NZ’s top medical advisors. Remember their referendum begging for Level 4? If doctors don’t like the current situation, they wouldn’t need to get Jaqui certified. They’d simply advise her to make the changes and it would happen.

Bob, your country needs you now!…
The political landscape is full of idiots running past each other while Rome burns.
Get your superman suit on and your wallet out and set up a online party.
We need someone to vote for.

Call it the “Bob each way party” and have one Policy…
Trust me I know what I am doing.!
And one rule….
We ignore minorities.
Should be a runaway victory!😁

Good marketing opportunity, a TV station all yours

We spent How many million $ on free laptops to kids. Only temporary they said ? When parents go back to work and kids back to school, what happens to lap tops ? Also wondered what did families do who had or could not afford internet connection and/ or and not computer savie, they are probably totally stressed, not good for mental health

This does not make you genius!
But it is great that common sense still gets published on your private site when the media is controlled by comrade Jacinda

Just reading this one a little late , but I think Bob may have been drinking when he wrote this.

New Zealand death rate from influenza 7 per hundred thousand of population. Perhaps we should stay in home detention until we eliminate that too.

Jacindas last speech in parliament ,in March ,showed how deeply delusional she is ,(or just hasn’t the capacity to understand basic economics) ,that we will be ok as “we have been saving money for a rainy day “ Unless I’ve got it wrong,labour inherited a 4.5 billion dollar surplus and then canceled 2 billion dollars in tax cuts,collected 10 billion more in tax revenue than treasury expected,and were about to announce a 900 million dollar deficit
That’s 17:4 billion dollars spent on god knows what! Where is the savings for a rainy day ?She also started the speech with “ when we were elected into government “ another delusional comment, as we all know she was selected rather than elected,by one “embittered old man “ who betrayed his voters by doing so
I’m Not saying national would have done things differently than labour in this crisis as I don’t know, but our books would have been in better shape !

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