The above, a heading on the Herald web-site.

For God’s sake. The Atlantic magazine is a sometimes tedious liberal American monthly, devoted to rubbishing Trump.

But guess what? The article comprised an interview with Helen Clark.

The Herald could have cut out the middle-man Atlantic and just interviewed Helen direct.


Which planet? The one in which failure to control the borders led to a destruction of most of the economy, imprisoning the population and instructing people to be kind to each other?

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Every “desperate” body is looking for a hero.
Cindy, is the best actor, in politics, in the world.
In a shallow world where most people look at image instead of substance.
In 2 months time when your job has gone as well as the subsidy, and the virus is still here, just look your family in the eyes and wonder how are we going to survive, how are the next generation are going to cope… And most importantly…WAS IT ALL WORTH IT?…
THEN ask yourself …. Should I trust this government again.

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Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:
This Atlantic article was full of opinion and short on fact.

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all about political control and imprinting FEAR to gain it

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They said ” effective ” , not ” best “.
The comments on and of this page confirm it. !
Makes me smile.

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The only thing missing so far is an aeroplane dropping leaflets telling us how well they are doing.


Reece O’Connell April 22, 2020 at 4:55 pm

There is a few boomers on this website


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