Here’s probably the first accurate New Zealand weather forecast in the post-war period.

Having locked everyone in their homes for a month during the best Indian summer in memory, the Man of the Year Ashley Bloomfield has instructed his puppet Prime Minister to tell her underlings that from next Tuesday they may play golf.

FORECAST: Next Tuesday it will rain across the nation.


Keeping in mind the rock solid modeling and analysis utilized, the forecast rain is highly likely. Notwithstanding the forecast inclement weather, golfers nationwide will still be in a position to enjoy a few rounds, on the basis that my husband has told me it never rains on a Golf Course.


The best part about golf is the banter and the grog in the Club House afterwards. But the Club House will not be open, and players over the age of seventy are not welcome as they are a health hazard.


    You may be sincere in what you say but I am going to take a liberty and interpret that more along the lines of ” hazard to their health.”


Yep. Like how to break a drought, especially in Dunedin: just schedule a cricket test.


And just forget about those people who died in the war for us all, they don’t matter under this bloody government!

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oh…it will rain…maybe droughts end !


I have been tortured having to drive past Waikare golf course, where we got in a round just prior to lock down, by the sign: “Closed by govt. order”. No-one thought to say stupid.

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Come on everyone , the PM may have been declared the most “effective ” leader on the planet by one of Bobs favourite publications but surely you are not saying she is controlling the weather !
Haha , too easy.


I was always led to believe that ‘Our Dear Leader’ created golf, and then went on to create the best golf courses in the world here in NZ. Furthermore, she is said to have shot more holes in one than anyone, more pars than anyone, more birdies, more bogeys, more eagles, more Albatross’s than any living socialist known, ever….


If Jokecinda plans to follow in her mentors’ footsteps and eventually get a job with the Big Boys after her political career stalls, then taking instructions from the Man, albeit the man of the year, is, of course, one of the things she feels compelled to do. So let’s not be so hard on her for following instructions. It must be tough to be a young and inexperienced puppet.


Now I know where the title ” Laughter is the best medicine ” comes from.
Bob tosses out a few throw away lines , then stands back and watches the fun.
This really does get quite hilarious.


You are right. She does not have a question mind, which means she can only be a puppet by default.


Who’s laughing ……….. us so-called intelligent human beings or one microscopic Coronavirus having fun replicating itself world-wide and watching the turmoil?


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