NORTH KOREA – Is there hope?

It’s my pick North Korea’s fat filth Kim is dead. Let’s hope so as the world could do with some good news.

The pointers suggesting his demise are we know he definitely had heart surgery. We know his chances of survival given his chain smoking and shocking obesity would not be good, and finally, South Korea’s diplomatic reaction saying they’ve noticed no unusual activity in the capital.

But past form in such situations suggests a behind the scenes battle for power, then an announcement to the populace of the new head banana and a week’s mourning for the lost great Leader.

Is this reason for optimism? Probably not as while it will mark the end of the dynasty, the likely outcome in the most militarised nation on earth will be a General. And like all dictators his single-minded purpose will be retention of his place in the sun.

It came as no surprise that the abominable Trump sent a get better message, alone of world leaders. There is literally no limit to his misjudgement aptitude. In fairness allowance must be made for his spectacular ignorance which he demonstrates daily.


You gotta make peace, to keep the world alive🎶🎶🎶

I wonder how many heads will roll before they sort out the top Rolypoly

Trump has to build a working relationship with the supernatural leader Kim Jong Il hence the get well soon letter, it’s either that or war at some stage, probably nuclear due to Nth Korea’s links with Iran – he could just kick the can down the road like every other US president.

If you want an example of ignorance you can’t go past Obama releasing $150 billion to Iran to continue it’s nuclear weapons research & funding just about every islamic terrorist group under the sun, all the while grovelling on his hands & knees apologising to the world for America like an impotent & blunderingly incompetent wimp.
It was just a matter of time before it was his turn.

As a person of South Korean origin, it is extremely worrying to see Kim JongUn in his deathbed. It is such a bad timing for the entire people of the Korean peninsular. The current South Korean government is a socialist one in disguise of a democracy, openly sometimes and covertly other times. The president himself has openly expressed his admiration for a historical figure who is well know for his staunch communist ideal and anti-American sentiment. He openly admires the events that led to the Fall of Saigon, expressing that when he heard the news about the victory of the North Vietnam, he felt chill down the spine. But the worst part is that he is a spy sent by the CCP. Basically every year except this year since inauguration, his new year greetings were played live on TV to the people of China, not of Korea. He openly said how as a tiny nation (it’s not really that tiny, he just wants to emphasize how great China is) that Korea is only a tiny hill compared to a gigantic mountain that is China so that Korea should follow China’ footstep for economic development by joining “Belt and Road” initiative.
The real threat to the Korean people is not Kim JungUn, but pro-China traitors covertly operating both Koreas. Kim JongUn and his forefathers have been strong Anti-China revolutionist. They said that Japan is only an enemy of 100 years, China is an enemy of 1000 years. That’s why I am hoping for Kim’s speedy recovery right now. Now is not the right time to see a pro-China leader at the helm of North Korea in tandem with South Korean counterpart.

They probably want to wait and get a handle on how the election is going to pan out.
Biden wins , maybe a Military Leader.
If Trump gets back they may promote the sister , lol.

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