The above, a Herald headline.

The “healthy young people” turned out to be “in their 30’s and 40’s”.

The report cited an American doctor describing victims with “mild covid-19 or, in some cases, no symptoms at all”. That said, he claimed a seven-fold increase on past records.


For the past three years, life expectancy in America has dropped, a situation unique to the USA in the developed world, and probably unmatched almost universally.

It’s put down to two causes. First the opioid crisis which sees hundreds of thousands of self-inflicted drug-addled, no-hopers lying about in a stupor in its more prosperous cities. Their life expectancy is obviously bugger all.

And second, an obesity crisis, notably with blacks and the working classes.

Obesity is the other victim class of covid-19, along with the elderly and infirm.


Alastair Gustafson April 27, 2020 at 10:16 am

Yep. 100% correct but you won’t hear that through your usual media channel. And would you like to know when and from whom I heard this – from a 45 year old hairdresser from Upper Hutt two weeks ago.

This kill-NZ businesses is a crock from the ignorant.

Oh no lock away your children! Pull me other one. Is everyone that dies now going to be tagged with the Convid Virus?

Across the board doctors are seeing covid-19 infected people with elevated frequency of blood clotting – in many countries. The disease also sneaks up slowly with a slow and steady diminishing of blood O2 levels, people acting normally with “O2 levels so low that they should be unconscious” (I’ve seen that quote from doctors in many hospital in many countries).

So I think the reported cases of virus induced strokes not at all surprising.

    Yes Andrew
    It appears the blood clotting is the issue then the travel to the brain.
    Most stroke victims present with one clot that did the damage but some are presenting with multiple clots.

I would argue that even more primary than that, as the cause, is a reckless welfare system that allows anyone, in any state of body and mind, to have as many children as they want…with the government picking up the mess (though fueling it in the process – not curing it).

Unfortunately Mr Hitler demonised the concept of eugenics so badly with his exotic old-school practices, that now we can’t even begin a rational conversation on what we need to do. Life expectancy will get worse still.

Yip. Clickbait journalism from a clickbait style business. (Stuff, not you Sir Bob).

It’s called Stuff because you can’t really call any of it news these days. Bad taste entertainment at its worst most of the time. Much like print media, most of it is tosh.

Thanks for being the voice of reason (particularly of late). It’s just disappointing that ‘people’ target your personality, skin colour, age, success and wealth more than (or not at all) debating the issues/ideas/observations that you bring up in an entirely reasonable common sense fashion, with a bit of humour thrown in.

As a school teacher myself, it’s refreshing to see some common sense ideas and decisions from someone thinking with their brain in a dispassionate manner, rather than decision making / or lack of decision making based on thoughts/feelings/warm fuzzies and hardcore personal ideologies.

Keep up the good work and common sense of someone that knows the difference between a spade and a shovel.

The Opioid crisis is medically driven and ordinary people are caught up in it,We’re lucky they’re not so readily available here.The Obesity crisis is a different thing,mostly to do with poverty and people not having the nous to eat good food.Witness the many people busting to get back to their junkfood

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