Wellington identity Chris Gollins popped in yesterday and was bearer of excellent news.

Motivated by Jacinda’s request to be kind he decided to visit well known Lower Hutt legal figure David Butler, to see how he’s coping now Te Papa have his collection of British Royalty memorabilia. Apparently they’re flat out collating it and planning its display.

Anyway, Chris reported that Butler was in good heart for as he said, he still has his Bradford Exchange collection and intends henceforth concentrating on building that up.

But more significant, Chris reported, the loss of the royalty stuff has given David a new lease of life. Inspired by Gerry Brownlee, David’s taken up pole-vaulting (Brownlee is a former Canterbury champion, obviously in his younger days, but still engages in it on Saturdays).

Anyway, David insisted on showing Chris his progress. At this learning stage he’s only using a 2-metre pole.

It was fairly impressive, Chris reported. David put a shoe on the ground and soared over it three times out of eight attempts.

Apparently his ambition is to go over a shoebox by Xmas.

A future Olympian? Who knows should he keep up this impressive progress.


Such aspirations confirm politics was a very good choice for the talented Brownlee.

How nice to see Mr Butler’s collecting in the national spotlight Bob. There is another side to it. Dunbar Sloane (Royal cutlery collection auction) 2007. My 87-year-old mother had her heart set on a piece. We later discovered the bidder who purposely manoeuvred in front of her to obscure her bid was Mr Butler.
Southwards, Paraparaumu, 2009 – controversy when a bidder deliberately allowed a woman’s wheelchair to topple on the stairs just prior to the bidding for a glorious 1874 Coronation eggcup. Again, enquiries revealed – the determined Mr Butler.
A friend of yours Bob? You’re taking your life in your hands if you have anything slightly ‘Royal’.

Funny stuff sir bob

Well I feel I need to stick up for myself. In 2007 I was indeed at the said auction involved in a fierce bidding war with the late Mrs Merckx on several items. She may have been 87 but I can tell you she was a nasty piece of work ( as is her son ). The piece in question was a rare serviette ring with an image of the queen mother embossed in gold we both needed to complete a set. Contrary to Eddie’s assertion I was on the opposite side of the room and more pertinently his late mother had part way through the auction been forcibly evicted for breach of Dunbars profane language rule ( not for the first time). As to the second incident it’s a sad day when an act of kindness helping,Mrs Merckx down some tricky stairs that sadly went awry, has attributed to it an ulterior motive. Shame on you Eddie. Also before you accuse me of it it was not me that called 105 for your shameless breach of the 2m distancing in the deli queue at the New World Kurupuni. I could go on but I have cataloguing to finish. David Butler.

Hi Sir Robert

got to vent here – nothing to do with your post.

Being an obdient dog for 5 weeks watching Cindy and her mate give the drivel over the course I’m finally flipping !! 60 year old living full time at the paradise of Riversdale Beach.
During the course of this lockdown you accept some things but after watching a lot of the History Channel ( always been a WW1/WW2 and Vietnam follower) I worked it out.
I had a dream/nightmare last night that cindy was adolf and her mate was goebelles
did you have it ?
Middle class ? 60 yr old involved in agriculture so probably not your average.
to add insult tonight she was quoted on TV3 as “we will enforce”
time to move ?? or should I just get back on the magnificent Riversdale Beach Golf Club.
might as well actually as my wool buying business looks shagged


Has anyone heard about the contact tracing app the government are trying to implement? What are our rights around this?

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