Both the New Zealand Herald and the Stuff web-site are redefining the word “news”.

Days after the event they have both announced Carrie and Boris’s new baby. And they wonder why they’re dying.


Hello Sir,

does all this home detention result in more books going to the editor?

I’m curious on you expanding your previous thoughts on voting labour? I can see how labour are very good for property investment; printing money reduces purchasing power of debt, RMA restricts supply of competing property, raising prices, but I’ve always thought that increasing supply of these products is what actually raises living standards, for the majority. Therefore pro supply policies raise living standards. Not that National are much different! Look forward to a politic blog!

I did my daily task of lobbing a couple of Lord Kitchener inspired posts into Stuff comments, which they obviously didn’t publish. I’m running about 0/50 there. They say that NZ is a democracy, but freedom of speech is only for hard left views.
However, they did post an article by Alison Mau, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Of course, she is the sickliest of sickly liberal, Queen of the faux intellectual class, and self-appointed uber supporter of the dispossessed and disenfranchised.
Ms Mau was bemoaning allowing takeaways, presumably given three people caught the nasty flu yesterday. You can imagine her ranting on this point to her presumably revolting sickly liberal friends at her dinner parties.
We all know why the government allowed takeaways, but closed say hardware stores. They want the votes of the underclass. Fatty’s gotta eat.
Why does Ms Mau oppose takeaways, when the constituency she allegedly represents, loves having them open?
I suspect what it all means is that sickly liberals will do anything for the poor – except live near them. Or speak to them. Or reflect their views at all. In fact, they probably cross the road to avoid them.
Well, it amused me on the cheap seats, in any case…

    These are the champagne socialists (that dominate our media) who voted for Hillary Clinton and then convulsing back their tears, wondered why the working class (a.k.a. her ‘deplorables’) abandoned the Democrats in their millions to vote for Bad Orange Man. Same goes for Brexit in Britain. Labour-like parties throughout the western world are now dominated by ‘woke’ pretend-academics and public servants, none of whom have ever been within a 100k of a factory in their lifetime.

      I think the clearest indicator of this sort of attitude is in treatment of criminals. Andrew Little et al thinks he is doing gods work in reducing prison numbers by releasing recidivists back into the poor (in both senses or word) communities they invariably come from, far from the leafy green suburbs that he and his fellow self-appointed white knights inhabit. This of course makes the lives of our most vulnerable (children particularly) ever worse and further reduces any hope of escape from the thugs who predate their families. In their blindness to consequence they mock the meat they feed upon.

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