Woman rode motorbike naked, got fingered in the street and punched a blind man.

The above a story heading in Metro, Britain’s biggest selling newspaper with a 1,400,000 circulation.

The accompanying account is 50 times richer than the heading. It relates to Woking, an outer London suburb rated 2nd in Britain for sex crimes.

Sounds a fun place to visit.


I’m obviously getting my news from the wrong sources.
This is gold !

Metro is a freebie with a distribution limited to London, a city that has little similarity to the rest of the UK.

The attack on morality has reduced us to this.

Since the 1950’s there has been a deliberate, coordinated assault on Western sexual standards mainly through the propaganda of Hollywood and psychological warfare carried out upon the West. The main target is the Moral Law, that human natural law which is as immutable as the law of gravity. That law that tells you the difference between right and wrong. As described by Plato, Aristotle, and expounded upon by the Christian tradition. It is the essence of the Greek / Roman / Christian culture which has spread throughout the world. The Moral Law is very difficult to live up to. So if you are somewhat inclined to be a degenerate, you attack it.

Those who push mass immigration, are simply attacking morality.

Reject 60’s ethics. Reject Hollywood. Reject mass immigration. Reject Modernity. Reject the news. Reject Debt. Reject degeneracy.

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