I don’t want to be unkind but unless you’re a maths whizz, read no further as the numerical logic will be over your head.

Wellington’s mayor, Andy Foster, told the Dominion Post, “If we have no migration (into Wellington) then it stands to reason that your population growth will be lower than it was going to be otherwise.”

Now who would have guessed that? With those sort of extraordinary deductive powers Andy’s wasted in his current role. He should be working on fusion energy, which according to The Economist, is attracting the best and brightest world-wide from universities.


Scoff if you must, but I’ve checked the figures – and he’s right!

Well I suppose that’s what you get after you’ve been to a leadership course, paid for by the ratepayers. It’s good to see that the ratepayers money wasn’t wasted


Well they are probably on there way and they haven’t got here yet, because all the cycle ways are a fiasco and they can’t find wellington. Celia made sure of that

I get your drift Bob but why is that our leaders be it Local or central government are ether mathematical genius or bloody idiots.

Always the least capable among us ,what to run the place

Yes Sir, you need to be kind. Remember we now live in an age where, the like of Andy may have made statements without adequate consultation with the qualified experts on the matter. WCC needs to appoint a committee to investigate this further and report back, in six month, their findings.

Apparently this obvious point is lost on most New Zealand journalists though. Whenever they write about house prices they mention “population growth” but never mention immigration or ask the Minister of Immigration whether their 40,000 a year targets are consistent with the government promising to address housing affordability.

With so many Green and Labour supporters voting in so many Labour & Green councillors Andy Foster is wise to frame the maths in such easy terms .

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