First, by a country mile, trace the screamingly wet and bound to be bearded, cowering bastard responsible for the “Be Kind” neon signs on our motorways. They’re absurdly infantile and massively insulting. I’d take him on a nation-wide tour to be dragged naked, slowly through the main streets for everyone to pelt him with rotten tomato and eggs.

Now if instead of me, Jacinda was to order that to happen and furthermore, throw the first tomato, I’d join in the “great leader” clamour. Copying to the letter what nearly every country in the world has done, doesn’t constitute leadership. Passing across totalitarian authority, not even matched in wartime, to an unelected official is not only an affront to democracy but the total abdication of leadership.

All things considered, probably it’s best if I take over.


ewhitebancorptreasurycom May 25, 2020 at 3:25 pm

All hail Emperor Bob ..sure as heck couldn’t do a worse job !

I would say you’d have my vote but then again dictators don’t generally need them.

The Great-leader excels in Orwellian double speak

First, join a political party or create a new one. Now’s a very good time with the Nats down the toilet.

Absolutely Bob. Rest assured that I will pay for the hat and uniform.

You’re in the wrong place Suze, you should be over at The Standard.

Cringeworthy…. Kiwi’s don’t need to be told to be kind, it’s in our DNA.
I just threw away my last rotten marrow!

I’ll pay for my own hat and uniform if I get to shoot the signs out.

Terb Terbwrath 7th May 25, 2020 at 6:49 pm

Well said Bob and great comment Dave. …what a nut house run by pathetic OTT socialist engineering retards. GET THEM OUT FFS.

Thank goodness there’s other sensible people out there, I’m not the only one who gets wound up every time I see those signs , verbally abusing them, although I’m the only one in the vehicle.
Bob you’ve got my vote

Resisting my propensity to naughtiness and a burning desire to deal to this lot with kick in the nads a truly kind response would be to shove rather than drop kick the ninnies responsible for this motorway graffiti into unemployment which based on their current endeavours is their natural home .A genial whisper in the ear of “you will be better appreciated here “could be a kind and comforting final kindness.

Don’t forget to line up a few sycophants, a must for any self-respecting dictator. . .

Finally someone said it. This “be kind” stuff is actually creepy to me. It has a cult flavour to it.

markscreaminggoosearmstrong May 25, 2020 at 8:10 pm

Gotta agree with that. Saying be kind when all kinds of idiots were keen to shoot anyone unfortunate enough to be infected is one thing, but a billboard with no context is just bizarre. I’ll be kind if I bloody want to thanks very much. And never because some fool wastes their money on a sign.

    Agreed, Mr Goose,but rest assured that,
    adding insult to injury, that fool is wasting your money,and mine on those ridiculous signs.
    How about Freedom is slavery, or War is peace ? Paid for with our money, of course.

At the very least Generalissimo Jones would handle the press decisively, especially if they ever so rudely interrupted the benevolent leader’s fly fishing.

I’ll settle for a Libertarian dictator if we can escape the current nightmare situation.
When it’s clear to all and sundry in a year or two that we’ve made the biggest peacetime blunder in our history, I wonder when asked what they thought about all this madness how many will truthfully answer, “I thought it was wonderful, I got to cower behind my couch for 7 weeks, nark on my neighbours and clap our incompetent PM like a demented sea lion”…

I took my daughter for a trip into Wellington from the Hutt on Saturday last 23 May.
It was busier than usual and then I faced the be kind stay safe signs, in giant displays across the motorway.
I said to my daughter you have to be joking that is not a roadway information sign, I was aghast at the infiltration of “kind” into everything, It will be on the cornflake packages soon and the like. My daughter said ………”oh that’s nice”……………i said “Heaven help us”………..and I know Sir Bob’s response to that,

Next the signs will say vote labour!

Anyone that can take offence to a sign exhorting kindness perhaps needs a little kindness in their own life.
Or at the very least a cup of tea and a little lie down.
Personally , I have bigger things to worry about.

Oh, let the sheep be herded. And lovin it!

What great comments , lifted my spirits after listen to the media having a crack at MOller, Mulla , Todd about not having a kaleidoscope of colour in the front row .

Just reporting the regime is well engrained and being enforced by the minions. Today I was told “we would like you to leave” a local Wgtn library after overstaying (by several hours) my allocted 30 minute limit.

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