At times it’s excruciatingly embarrassing living in New Zealand. Our sense of irrelevance, justifiable with our small population and geographic isolation, leads to an embarrassing self-consciousness and copycatism by our half-wit classes.

When no-hopers, ironically described as “activists,” lay on the streets of New York claiming to represent the 99% or whatever, (where incidentally, they were totally ignored) it was a gilt-edge guarantee our copy-cat attention-seekers would emerge to do the same, suitably placarded and rightly ignored.

When the “Me Too” Movement began in America, the predictable same old unimaginative copy-cats broke into song here.

When an unworldly Swedish girl with all the answers idiotically became a cause celebre world-wide, out came thousands of our school-kids to mindlessly march through our cities.

When an explosion of rioting across America broke out this week, following the blatant police murdering of a black man, our wets duly turned out to march, as if it made an iota of difference. And so came the tiresomely tedious haka, a fat girl embarrassingly weeping outside the Beehive and much more feigned attention-seeking distress.

I can tell you the cause of their next public marches and trust me, they’ll be regular events. That will be the unemployment marches and while they’ll make not an iota of difference, they’ll at least be justifiable rather than fashion-following.

Note this. On the day the grotesque murder by the psychopathic cop occurred the Economist co-incidentally ran a story on whatever happened to the “Black Lives Matter” cause in America.

The publication didn’t make this up as a story, rather it emanated from the founders of the movement who offered speculative reasons why it had run out of steam, despite the continuing pattern of police brutality against blacks.

In my view this abrupt nationwide outbreak of rage, lay in economics. Specifically, the mass unemployment resulting from the lockdown. Worldwide this measure, now being openly challenged as to its wisdom, has hit the poor particularly hard, particularly in America.

New Zealand is no exception. It’s been reported that 80% of families are suffering various degrees of financial strain. It ain’t going to get better, thanks entirely to abysmal political failure of true leadership.

But in America, a much tougher society with a pervading survival of the fittest creed, it’s been devastating for blacks who have had a virus-induced fatality rate four times that of whites, have a significantly higher unemployment rate, are conspicuous for their obesity, this a 50% factor in the virus death rate in the USA and Britain, and if employed, dominate the low paid unskilled categories.

The abominable slow murder of George Floyd was simply the trigger which set off an existing seething volcano of rage and frustration and as is the way of such events, quickly became contagious.

But did our wets have to marshal in pointless support? This was mindless attention-seeking, nothing else. Even God thought so as he temporarily suspended the extraordinary Indian summer we’ve been enjoying and made sure the skies were opened for the day and they were drenched. Doubtless he meant well but if he’d paid more attention instead of larking about with angels or whatever he gets up to, he’d have seen the pointlessness of this response, namely those show pony look-at-me marchers were already drowningly saturated.


A casualty of covid is the increase in police powers coupled with a decrease in accountability. AKA police sanctioned roadblocks in some cases enforced by patched gang members and yet they now have the ability to enter private residences… Socialists and communists are fans of political endorsement of police actions, democracy on the other hand relies on checks and balances of them and all public agencies.

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    Thats correct. Unfortunately, and I say this from personal experience, for the first time in NZ history the Police are being used for Political gain. Think back to when the previous Commissioner came out with a statement that the dictators ‘partner’..” was not being questioned by Police”. Why would that statement be made? And fast forwarding to the situation on the weekend with ‘protests’…a lot of Maori involved, and guess what? Even though they were breaching the dictators ‘ new laws’ by gathering as they did…no arrests. Could that be because she did not want any Maori complaining about ‘racism’? And who ordered the Police not to take action? If you have the time, read the article by Dr Muriel Newman ‘ Democracy Under Threat’ published in the bfd a couple of days ago. Scary stuff.

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      Our police leadership have become bullies, picking on those that won’t stand up to them


      ferrari12345hotmailcom June 2, 2020 at 9:12 pm

      Totally agree, Alan, but it seems our lovely cindy takes her orders from the same uncle george, that these antifa and blm thugs do


      Tell it like it is June 3, 2020 at 7:30 pm

      The New Zealand “Black Lives Matter” demonstration was organized by Jews.

      This is completely obvious.

      How many of these characters turn up when the Jews blow the head off yet another Palestinian demonstrator.

      That’s right; ZERO.

      How many of these characters turn up when the Jews blow the heads off another dozen Palestinian demonstrators.

      That’s right; ZERO.


The veneer for those of low IQ between protest,civil disobedience and violence is paper thin and highly flammable and regretably these pointless protests are about to feature more often in our country as many slowly realise they have been duped by the Princess and her Mandarins.This could be brutal sadly.

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I agree with this piece.

No one really cares about an isolated murder (or manslaughter) case. It happens and it won’t be the last time, and people do know that statistically blacks are far more murderous that whites. They were driven by deep frustration at their best, looking for its excuse, and looting opportunists at their worst.

A bit tragic though. Blacks need to understand that the best way to fight prejudice is to first not live up to it. The true racists will be loving these riots. No one in America is going to be interested in apologizing for their ancestors now. It will be a big political win for Trump, too.

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Terb Terbnightmare June 2, 2020 at 5:28 pm

Yes agree. Classic hysterical stupidity. I still can’t believe the poll results from our social controller Cinderella oompa-loomper 4th estate. Is it really possible the country is that stupid…(no its me again). I must have time traveled into some parallel dimension where people appear (to me) to be generally …stupid and missing the point. The Police for example recently decided to ignore the law..not once, twice but on several occasions ; a regional hospital board (officially) announcing racial profiling!..(ah.. i’m classically hysterical, is that it ?)…the Greens deciding we should widen all the countries footpaths. …A ?
If we ( maybe “I” in this case) think things are quite bizarre at present have a wee think about Cinderella with another mandate.
…ah I know ..this is all…just a bad dream or another episode of Logans Run. Quartermass…ley ley ley. Sleeping Dogs ??

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This mirrors many of my own thoughts. I, like many, probably pay too much attention to America and not enough here, things are significant there, but I do think sometimes about there being too much Americanisation of New Zealand (and even global) culture.

Many academic types are insisting it’s merely ‘protest’ – not rioting.

Labelling Antifa a terrorist organisation is rather troubling development given the capacity for scope creep, even though they are certainly guilty of agitating things.

It’s kind of crazy to have witnessed the ‘right-wingers‘ go from ‘masks are tyranny’ while going heavily armed to get their haircuts etc. to supporting outright martial law in the span of a week.

The partisan derangement is just oscillating between extremes.

Makes me think of something my uncle once said rather dryly about how his role at work was the same (over the last few years) while the entire company had shifted around him.

Also, I must say the accounts/claims about ‘planted’ pallets of bricks are rather strange.

It’s not like Covid has gone anywhere in America, but I guess that was last news cycle.

Self-consciousness can be a curse as much as a blessing.


It was amusing to note that the excruciatingly attention seeking Siouxsie Willis had to pop her pink head up when she wasn’t the centre of attention for the day with the absurd claim that people in a country with one active covid case had to lock themselves up for two weeks since they had ventured outside for a day.


Agreed. The same old tired haka from persons who probably wouldn’t have a clue who George Floyd was. They should realise that such indiscriminate violence based on a persons ethnicity does not occur here. Again a supine media,tongue lagging on the ground,embarrass our country.

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markscreaminggoosearmstrong June 2, 2020 at 9:25 pm

Kiwi support made a difference to South Africa’s apartheid. Why shouldn’t Kiwi support make a difference for black Americans?


I had to laugh at the interview of a Pacifica person. Her identifying with those US blacks. Stating she too, here in NZ, has felt discriminated against by NZ authorities.

Wow, what a difference we have here, (in Godszone). Social welfare system that dishes out money in a literal lolly scramble, DPB, Dole, grants, state housing, free health care, free first year study, national super for all (irrespective of contributions).
So was the NZ protest in support of black Americans? Black people in general? The so called self proclaimed black minority, here in NZ? Looking at the protest, looked like lots of anti Trump sentiment. Though what difference Trump makes here to the NZ Black Lives matter movement, I find difficult to ascertain.

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markscreaminggoosearmstrong June 4, 2020 at 9:51 am



Sums up the mentality of these “activists” so well. The haka is so over done – I cringe when I see NZers overseas jump into a haka at the first chance they get, usually with pot bellies wobbling and covered in tattoos. People must think that NZ is a complete backwater where there is no civilisation. I hopped on a bus for the first time in ages where the whole bus was discussing what “Jacinda said today …” This country has gone completely mad.


The “We’re drowning ” headline immediately made me think of ” Madge ” from the Palmolive ads.
” You know you’re soaking in it ”
Yep , we are all soaking in it !

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