I’m delighted to report that the day after I slammed the infantile “Be Kind” signs on the heavy traffic Wellington – Hutt highway, they disappeared. Hopefully so too nationwide.

The “Be Kind” crap was the most infantile insult ever inflicted on the New Zealand public. Who the hell came up with it? The culprit should be exposed and dragged out and publicly flogged.

For the record, kindness to one’s fellowmen is natural biological behaviour not just for humans but for all higher animal species. For example, the media frequently record caring acts for one another by elephants, whales and the like.

That said, there are people who simply have an absence of empathy for their fellow men. Trump for example, is undoubtably psychopathic. It’s not actually their fault and most live perfectly normal lives in all activities, from High Court judges to stop-go sign holders. The fact that it’s recognized as an incurable mental illness, much like being born blind, is indicated by its medical description, namely psychopathy; that is an absence of empathy.

Prisons are full of sociopaths, that is a next more dangerous phase of active anti-social activity, unlike psychopaths whose behaviour is noted for charm and manipulative self-serving conduct, according to psychiatrists.

On that topic one thing’s certain and that is the fat woman (I’ll give 3 to one it was a woman and 5 to one, she’s fat) who came up with the “Be Kind” outrage, is a sociopath of the very worst kind, namely one who gains pleasure from torturing people. She should be found and post her public flogging, be locked up for life to avoid any repetition.


Can we add to the flogging list our supposed “expert” epidemiologists whose models and claims of risk have proven disastrouslyly false to far in excess of a 95% confidence level?

I think the best way to describe a sociopath is “someone who can’t care about others – not even if they try”. Indeed it’s a real condition. In fact it shows up in weird activity in brain scans.

But I don’t reckon Trump is a sociopath (though that smooth Obama guy might be…and Clinton is creepy too). I think Trump’s capable of feeling appreciation (something sociopaths never do. If you do them a favour they only see a sucker who can be used again. They are vile).
But I do think Trump is emotionally immature, and those types are often confused with sociopaths. They’re more like spoiled brats, though yes they can still be dangerous to the end of it. I think the worst half of our politicians are immature – not sociopathic…

And I would put people like Key, Ardern, Muller, Bridges…in fact most true-blue career politicians in the immature category. Spoiled brats always just see things their way – the expedient way. They don’t step outside of themselves. If you’re dealing with someone who won’t risk an election to do what’s right when they really should…then yep, just another wanker at the helm…

And sadly that’s the norm, I believe. Competitive forces in politics makes it that way. You actually *have to* prostitute yourself to the vote to survive. In turn the political world attracts a certain kind of person.

I think it was our esteemed Prime Minister, Miss Ardern, or one of who scriptwriters, who came up with the “Be Kind” mantra. This was first heard on the election trail before the 2017 General Election. Miss Ardern frequently saying that her government would be transformational with a new kinder way of doing things. Miss Ardern may not be personally responsible for the signs that incensed Sir Bob but her utterings were the genesis of it. Some sycophantic bureaucrat or local body pen-pusher got carried away and took the idea to the extreme. Be kind now appears everywhere!

    Lets see if she still prescribes to the ‘ be kind’ theory if/when the rumours circulating about her ‘ first partner’ reach the airwaves. Naughty boy caught ‘playing away’…

      That is why she does not like boats. It is Freudian.

      Where there is smoke there is fire and that is doing the rounds. Almost sure to be correct as he would be a hard dog to keep on the porch judging by his paste rhetoric, now expunged from the internet. It won’t bother Cindy though as I could guess she is a by and getting hooked up with a fisherman was a copy cat crime based on the tale of a previous performance by a female leader being advised by a pretentious alliance leader, marrying a man from the other side to curry favour with fringe voters.
      Just growing the whanau.

“Be Kind ” is a good idea except those of us that are kind don’t need reminding and those that aren’t couldn’t give a stuff.

Quiet news day !

Terb Terbranter 7th June 4, 2020 at 9:02 pm

Yes agree with all in general except I don’t understand the psychological jargon. I mean I really don’t understand much of it, other than perhaps years of working with blokes that I would not hesitate to have locked away for the safety of everybody, if I could have at the time.
Maybe a modern disease, there being absolutely “no consequences” for acting in an insane or dumb-arse manner. Mother nature would have in earlier times, sorted sick behaviour as quickly as one could think, “i’m going to harm those around me just because I can”. Now the human race seems to have an excuse for every intentional misdemeanour (or psycho) with no consequence to the perpetrator.
The person who wasted the money on the “be kind” bullshit should be found and an explanation demanded then made public.
It really is so patronizing. Wonderful Jacinderella and the left hordes actually just having a wind up by continuing to repeat this condescending
rubbish. There is a time and place for everything of course but this government does not care about the result of its actions and knows that their experiment will just be written off like the billions of tax payer dollars being squandered.

That cringeworthy mantra definitely came out of Ardern’s nursery rhyme book.

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