Derek Chauvin is a dead man walking. His deliberate murder of George Floyd, one hand nonchalantly in his pocket, over a tortuous near 9 minutes and despite pleadings from bystanders, was his own death sentence.

He will go down for life but either his sentence is served in a suicide-inducing single cell or he’s allowed to mix with fellow cons. And no matter the supervision, a distraction ploy will be engineered and he’ll be murdered, a fitting end for a piece of garbage and the world will be a better place.


An unusually compassionate piece Bob. But on the button. And the other three – all equally culpable surely.

Despicable man and he deserves what’s heading his way.

Perhaps Chauvin could learn a few life skills from Hermann Goring.

Suicide watch in a single cell didn’t save Jeffery Epstein. It sure won’t save a racist cop either.

    I understand what you’re saying Andrew but please don’t perpetuate the line that this death was racially motivated, there’s no evidence of that.
    The central issue of the the protests/riots (that the US police force are more likely to kill African Americans) is a convenient lie from the BLM activists and their useful idiots. You’re 27% more likely to be killed in an interaction with the law if you’re a European American.
    The four police involved were European, African, Asian and Latin American BTW.

      George and Derek both worked for the El Nuevo Rodeo nightclub in security roles, Derek for some 17 years. The club has been associated with organised crime, including money laundering, such as counterfeit bank notes, which is what George was arrested for attempting a local purchase with.

Not every policeman joins the force for the right reasons.

The thing that should worry us is that as the underclass expands and gets more ruthless and ugly, we may find ourselves in a beggars-can’t-be-choosers situation. Crudely, we might need to have more thugs in the police to deal with the thugs on the street. Yuck(!).

The better option is a network of sniper drones; shooting tasers, or [temporary] blinding lasers, and if desperately necessary a bullet. Remote controlled. If the drones are positioned stationary evenly throughout the city, about 1 km apart, then no point in the city will be more than abound 30 seconds away.

If police can keep their hands clean, then we can hopefully keep clean police – and not end up like America. Hooray 🙂

Just to say Bob, I love the way you directly speak your mind. It’s fast becoming a lost art. Nowadays if you don’t say the “right” things you are instantly a bad person in this tragic what-will-my-firends-think. So thank you for not being boring.

    Andrew , you are exhibiting the very attributes that mostly everyone in this blog confesses to despise.
    Namely , being exhorted to ” Be kind “

When Chauvin grows a beard, you know there’s something afoot. Don’t be a tallish white homeless guy who could pass as a bearded version of Chauvin. You’ll be picked up and happenstance to be a real life version of identity theft gone wrong, when you ‘suicide’

You speak a lot of sense, David George. Too much emotion in the way of faxts. It took a Black journalist, Candace Jones, to point out that police are 18.5 times more likely to be murdered by a black person. Its easy for rich men to take a populist position, harder to stand for truth. (or pass through the eye of a needle)

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