Last year it was the war against global warming which brought out the imitative marchers. This year it’s been the war against the coronavirus. More recently our feeble-minded wets, in tedious copycat fashion we’re all so wearingly bored with, marched in a war against racism, marching against the virus not being something they had a foreign example to emulate.

With all of these war analogies the most applicable is the phoney war, the term applied to the lengthy standoff “you go first” period between Britain and Germany, after the 1939 declaration of war. But as we know, eventually the fireworks started.

Currently in New Zealand we’re at a phoney war stage but very soon, all hell will break loose when the realisation sinks in of the true damage our ill-considered destructive and as always, copycat approach to handling the virus has caused. My pick is an initial unemployment of circa 300,000 which, with its economic contagious nature, will rise to 500,000 within 6 months.

So next year world-wide it will be marching against unemployment and our saturated set will be out parading again with as always, the idiotic token half-witted hakas featuring. As with all such futilities these marches will not make an iota of difference to anything.

By the end of 2021, again following foreign leads, it will be marching against the rich. When that happens I hope the marcher losers spare a thought for the tiresome task the rich have every morning, raking up the $100 bills raining down on their homes each night. After all, how else could they be in a comfortable financial position if that wasn’t the case?


“$100 bills raining on their homes each night” I wont even bother fixing the leaky roof, long may the deluge continue!

Terb Terbnottowingtheline 7th June 15, 2020 at 3:47 pm

yes. …our governments war to end all sanity..
Half a brain
Half a brain
Half a brain onwards
Into the valley of stupidity rode the 5 million
Oh but how gloriously woke

Terb Terbnottowingtheline 7th June 15, 2020 at 3:50 pm

yes. …our governments war to end all sanity..

Half a brain
Half a brain
Half a brain onwards
Into the valley of stupidity rode the 5 million
Oh but how gloriously woke

We have to pray that the half-witted are nonetheless not as dumb as Venezuela. Or shit I’m out of here.

The following article claims there are two distinct versions of Covid-19, the Wuhan strain and the Euro-American strain.


It seems the Euro-American strain of Covid-19 had already spread worldwide long before Wuhan.

The Wuhan strain (just like SARS before it) is dangerous, especially to the elderly, but not particularly contagious, whereas, the Euro-American strain is quite contagious, but not particularly dangerous. If classified, the Euro-American strain would be classed as another strain of the common cold. Because it wasn’t dangerous the Euro-American strain spread worldwide without being noticed.

But, if the Wuhan strain is not particularly contagious, then how did it spread so rapidly in Wuhan? Simple, in Wuhan the virus was deliberately spread. It did not appreciably spread to the rest of China simply because it was not particularly contagious. Remember, that at the height of the uncontrolled epidemic (Jan. 10 to Jan. 23) five million people from Wuhan traveled to all parts of China (for the New Year celebrations on Jan. 24) but did not appreciably spread the virus.

There is this intriguing line:

There is the intriguing possibility that exposure to the Euro-American strain of Covid-19 may endow resistance to the more dangerous Wuhan strain. That this may indeed be the case is suggested by the large number of people that appear to be naturally resistant to the virus. These people being resistant due to their previous exposure to the Euro-American strain.

Of course, this is important information for how New Zealand opens up to tourism.

It the dangerous strain is not particularly contagious, then it is much, much easier to control.

Has the crappy Akismet software censored this post or did it get through?

For those who hate us that have a quid ,perhaps before these wet twits step out to march a little thought on how many of those who got rich not only in money terms but life as well did it Is called for
Oh too hard I hear but not so :we took risks ,applied ourselves ,worked hard and smart ,never gave up and never demanded or took a handout .This lot need a need a transmogrification in mindset and definitely need to lose the entitlement attitude that the current lightweight political class and University Acadamia encourages sadly .

    Dr Phil Everyone following this blog will subscribe to your idealogy , no question.
    You are targeting the wrong demographic. !
    If it makes you feel better !
    Go for it !

looking forward to this scenerio….. locked and loaded

Hey Bob perhaps these people feel passionate about something other than sport which is something we’re a bit short of in this country.Who says it was ill-considered? There’s certainly little to go on except the remote Maori and their decimation by Spanish Flu. Speaking of which ,slavery was well known before us Pakeha turned up.

It’s great to get an economic forecast on pending unemployment from someone with great financial success who is very well read. Anyone with some nous should be making financial decisions now to lessen the impact of the likely 2021 financial calamity.

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