Worldwide the media gloated over the only third full stadium for Trump’s first re-election signature assembly. Given their characteristic agenda-pushing dishonesty that shouldn’t surprise. They deliberately ignored the sabotaging of the event by organised mass bookings by his opponents to achieve precisely that end.

More particularly they ignored the highly publicised dangers Oklahomans faced, their state currently on an upward Covid spike.

So draw no conclusions from that meeting nor Trump’s polling slump. Remember on election day 4 years ago, Huffington had him at a 2% chance.

I listened to Trump’s speech in full. Frankly it was horrendously alarming, even by Trump’s abominable standards. At times he struck me as verging on insanity.

That he’s a grotesque, psychopathic, ignorant, lying megalomaniac is well established. But this was something different. On two occasions he left even his audience bewildered as he launched into rambling, often incoherent nonsense.

Overall I was left with an “end of Empire” sense which Trump seems to symbolise.

Within two decades, if not earlier, China will be the world’s economic powerhouse and the most influential nation.


China won’t be leaders of anything until they overcome their absurd Stalinesque fear of truth.
The description above of Trump is also true of China’s president, who has consolidated virtually all political military and civil power in to his hands. However China’s president isn’t under the same media scrutiny and is much less of a figurehead, much more a real dictator. The USA tends to flourish despite its political system rather than because of it so don’t write them off quite yet.

    Well said. US presidents come and go, doesn’t matter much. The winning formula for the USA is popular sovereignty, free markets and the rule of law. By contrast, China has communist dictatorship, controlled markets and a legal system designed to protect both. Bob, this one’s a B-. You can do better.

‘That he’s a grotesque, psychopathic, ignorant, lying megalomaniac’

Apart from him keeping his campaign promises, how is he any different than any other politician?

Hey Bob,didn’t know you were such a fan.


I think you may have lost the plot. Trump will be reelected & carry on getting America working again & China will slide away from being a world economic power. You are playing personality politics which thinking Americans have already seen through.

Trump does not look healthy and he is lashing out even more unpredictably – if that is at all possible. If he sees the writing on he wall he could fake a heart attack and then argue he would have won but his health let him down…bet you a fiver on it…the man cannot lose…I hope his niece’s book finds its way to my book store…who would have thought that we Kiwis now have to align ourselves with communist dictator Xi and the PRC and agree to buy their rubbish products, that quickly find their way to the landfill, and makes them so wealthy they can give everyone the Bird as they ravish the world…as you say Sir Bob – we are witnessing the demise of an Empire…God help us all…that is, if he is still interested in the concept of liberty…hope he is not still having that nap for a few hundred years…

Trump is imperfect, but sweet jesus Bob…do you think the other self-serving cowards are any better? Personally I prefer transparent madness to smooth slime. In democracy the only real threats are the ones you can’t see. Jacinda for example is vastly more dangerous than Trump – she has half an entire nation under her “compassionate” spell. Almost no one questioned the otherwise 100% questionable lockdown, remember.

As for China, it will be No 1 in less than 10 years. When driverless technology hits, and other hugely disruptive technologies, and with their totalitarian backbone forcing practical initiatives in spite of public opinion, it will then lead-frog a lot of what the West has done and be the absolute industrial powerhouse of the world – with rampaging growth.

…To say, I’m still pondering if it’s a good thing if China takes over the world. What other political structure can stabilise its population with direct fertility caps?

Pundits have been predicting the dominance of China for several decades. I think China has several systemic cultural and political flaws, with ingrained authoritarianism and “face saving” customs topping the long list. I recall Norman Mailer in a speech to the San Francisco Commonwealth Club in Feb 2003 saying the US wanted to limit China to being Greeks to their Romans. Given that SARS v1 struck soon after, not much has changed. (Comments regarding China starting around the halfway mark)

    Actually, the more hopeful scenario would be China as the ‘Romans’ and the U.S. – or the west in general – as the ‘Greeks’. The Romans eclipsed the Greeks militarily and incorporated the Hellenic city states into the empire, but the Greeks essentially conquered the Romans culturally. I could live with a dominant China if it assimilated enough western values and ideals to make it a force for open society. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s going to happen.

    China is a fascist state in the true sense of the word – it’s authoritarian, militaristic, ethno-nationalist and commandeers private assets at will. It’s also built the most pervasive system of surveillance in world history and is using it to micromanage people’s lives through its ‘social credit’ system. The west, in alliance with the countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and India – all of which have every reason to want China contained – should do all they can diplomatically and economically to prevent Chinese hegemony.

The democrats are doing the most they can to ensure that Trump is reelected. They have picked a senile man as their democrat

    You are probably right Stew but this is all about Trump.
    You could put a plank of wood up against him and it wouldn’t affect the result.

Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

I have always said Trump would be re-elected. Having lived in the USA and travelled extensively throughout almost every state, people over here forget that it’s a Country made up of hick towns. I can tell you now that most of these people are not Democrats.

I wouldn’t count the USA out yet Bob, economically and politically they are in trouble, but the optimistic approach of it’s people should never be written off.

    Danny , I take your point .
    I have travelled there myself.
    It’s astonishing the diversity between the haves and the have nots.
    The bizarre dichotomy is that the have nots don’t realise how little they have and are afraid of losing more whereas the Dems and Progressives are advocating more for ALL but can’t break through that mindset.
    The ” optimistic approach ” you reference is more the delusional feeling that the USA is and always will be the greatest power on this earth.
    A vast number of Americans have a very insular world view.

I don’t believe China will become a dominating world power anymore than what it has become. The broad brush-strokes Biblical prophetic picture is: Ancient Babylon (Gold)/ Medo-persia(silver)/ Greece (bronze)/ Rome (Iron) / fragmented kingdoms of Europe (Iron and clay)/ ten final global kingdoms (still iron and clay – indicating mixed tribes). The final ten kingdoms will be set up by global governance to rule over various world territories for a short time and yes China could be one of those as force will be required and China has the means. America is in serious trouble and in a state of rapid moral decline. Overly liberal politics will drive it into the mire even further as in the interests of fairness “anything goes”. The consequences to date of that approach is a society in total confusion. Trump politics has attempted to address some of these issues by working with the christian right movement (even though religion and state politics mixing is a very bad idea….it always ends in religious zealots with persecuting power) . However the country is divided right down the middle and it is one huge fight for either left or right to gain control. Most of the prophetic timeline is now history, a few events remain (we’ve moved from the” head” down to the “feet” ). I can’t see what purpose (prophetically speaking) it would serve to have America moving back to a term or two of liberal leftism when the rot is already taken firm hold. It’s already in enough trouble. To me it is more likely that some major event or events will occur that allows a firm hold to be taken by the White house (for better or worse) and enables Americas position as one of the final kingdoms to be allocated to it as a conservative “Christian nation”. Personally I’d be more concerned to see Mike Pense as President. He gives me the vibe of being a hardline, no nonsense conservative far more than Trump who is really trying to manage in CEO style rather than being a politician.

America a mess, but thinking China’s communist slave empire will conquer all a little far fetched. New Zealand is a mess, but only a little mess. Our best bet is to kick out the corporations and their financiers. Globalist Puritan Karen’s can go live in a sin city. Nobody needs it.

Remember how pleasant shutdown was.

Stay awake for the attacks:

Psyop 1: race baiting
Psyop 2: climate change
Psyop 3: plague
Psyop 4: laws for non existent hate speech
Psyop 5: gun grab

It’s the economy. This is a distraction whilst the corporations and socialists ally and fleece the last remaining wealth out of our nation.

China is nothing more than a giant polluted prison camp. Victorian-era capitalism without democracy or human rights. People all over the world actually want to live in liberal democracies where they can choose (and dismiss) their leaders every 3 or 4 years.

I watched selected parts of Trump’s speech and for a first-up performance he was in great form. His West Point/ Parkinson’s storeytelling was hilarious. Humour is a great political weapon. The Democrats not only do not have any policies, being obsessed with virtue-signaling, they are completely humourless.

In the meantime the patsy leader of the Democrats, Joe Biden, continues to hide in his basement. Will he ever be let out? I bet you he tries to worm his way out of the Presidential debates. For over 40 years a swamp creature, and just like Hillary Clinton before him, not a single policy does he own. He is utterly useless.

China will ride Biden all the way to the glue factory.

‘Columbo’ was a high-rating 1970’s tv cop whom appearing disheveled and working-class, opponents would always write off (they would inevitably find) to their own peril.

Trump is the ‘Columbo’ of American politics.

You may not like Trump, or his personal style but there is one thing he is not – corrupt. Which the Democrat Party is, in spades.

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