Some respondents have accused me of hypocrisy when I asked commentators to cut out gratuitous abuse, mostly aimed at the PM, but also other politicians.

The hypocrisy they point to was my description of Trump as a “grotesque, psychopathic, ignorant, lying megalomaniac.”

Those words are not abusive, indeed given the overwhelming evidence they could be described as a diplomatic understatement. Every one of those adjectives is well proven.

Also, others asked what ever happened to the wooden building?

As I stressed at the time, its wooden component was confined to key structural aspects, specifically floors and columns.

That said delays not of our making constantly affected it but over the next few weeks the wooden columns will emerge over the existing scaffolding and protective covering at about the 9th floor current level.

It’s due to be formally opened in early April next year.


Hi Bob, what are views on the Health Minister’s latest debacle?

Donald Trump is also cuddly and sweet.

Most, if not all, of those adjectives could also be applied to our PM.

….i too get board with my own thoughts. Luckily for me they remain thoughts…(usually).
Not keen on jackets with the arms round the wrong way and buckles at the back.

Lets test the waters of hypocrisy shall we & see whether this comment is moderated or not.

Jacinda Ardern is a grotesque, psychopathic, ignorant, lying megalomaniac. These words are not abusive, indeed given the overwhelming evidence they could be described as a diplomatic understatement. Every one of those adjectives is well proven.

Hey enough of the silly stuff from me.
Sorry its just my brain…god help us if it, (my brain) gets below the belt…where “it” usually is.

Change subject a little.
Any ideas on where all the promised money is coming from?
Yes our future, but honestly how far can Robertson go ?
Every week another billion promised.
What will this do to NZ’s credit rating. Surely there has to be an inflationary reaction. You can’t keep printing money : how far will QE take us?
Maybe with world debt skyrocketing, the net effect and QE dampens inflation.
How can we have a bad credit rating when we’re on par with others?
How does it work…does it work ?
Any explanations appreciated.

    The supply and availability to the Govt of money is a complex thing. Generating the notes and then the manner in which it is distributed may delay or postpone forever any obvious reactionary negative effects of creating this debt. So my thinking is just keep handing it out as required.

Is the building opening on between the following dates Bob? March 31 and April 2?

I don’t think he is a pyschopath. In fact I think he understands his voter base exceptionally well. Few people lost out underestimating the American right wing.

    True Colin.
    You only have to shout 2nd Amendment in the US to become the pied piper.
    And I would describe Trump more as a sociopath.
    But in truth he is hard to categorise.
    He is a pretty unique individual.
    But not in a good way !

    No, but I think Trump is a narcissist of the grandiose variety. So unlike psychopaths he has a conscience, but like psychopaths he has no capacity to emphasise. Instead he uses deceit, giving his audience/targeted victims what they want, charm and the faking of empathy (and narcissists become very adept at those) to get what narcissists crave – attention, adulation and praise.

Given that all of the above were well known and publicised prior to the American election, it does make wonder what a large number of the American people thought of Hillary Clinton, if Donald Trump is the lessor of two evils.

Very interesting, I had wondered whether that project had been abandoned or not.

Your under estimating Trump. He is the only world leader putting a stop to globalisation. If Biden wins in November Globalisation will be fast tracked and China will quickly become the No 1 World Power, while he destroys America with socialism. Jacinda is a puppet for UN and Globalisation. If she wins NZs are all doomed.

    You’re over estimating Trump , Mark.
    Trump is just acting out his personality.
    He is that kid in the sandpit , clutching and not sharing his toys.
    He has no altruistic or even nationalistic agenda.
    We may all be destined to be doomed.
    But as the old saying goes : “Money doesn’t buy you happiness but at least you can be miserable in a modicum of comfort.”
    That’s how I prefer to view NZ.

mmm.. dentalisnz ? : just keep going ? bit of a scary prospect. Your not a squirrel then ?
Not saying your wrong, just kind of goes against the grain. “Me Mum taught me to save!”..(Dad was just a good bloke).
The end result… “everybody has nothing together”… and the Russian experiment didn’t work…except for Putin.

Only the Chinese have managed with that and they work so hard , no amount of money will change their lives, it seems. Yet the Chinese individual will always strive.
If that were our eventual outcome , I’d get a nice big fat corrupt position on the Politburo and feed off the population like Jaba the Hut.!!…
..not saying the idea doesn’t appeal.
Human nature to achieve and keep something for a rainy day?…it feels like theres a storm coming.
So where/how/why do we keep spending?

I think Donald Trump is the sanest of the lot of politicians on offer.

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