More than any other political party the Greens have potentially, almost 100% public support for their principal aims.

The very small exception are often perfectly sensible folk who believe global warming is largely a natural phenomenon.

Considering that potential near total support they represent a shocking political failure at the voting booth, given they usually hover about 5%.

There’s a very good reason for that, namely they’re a Green Party in name only.

From the outset, over and above green issues, they’ve pushed an extreme left-wing social and economic agenda, anathema to middle New Zealand.

In coalition they’ve been shoved aside by Winston’s more domineering and wily politically seasoned experience.

With an election approaching the government have thrown them a bone, needless to say at the public expense.

Specifically, the next census is now to include entries for chaps who believe they’re women and women who believe they’re blokes. Both are wrong but it doesn’t matter. In a free society they can believe what they like and dress how they wish.

My only criticism of this list is in missing out lycanthropes, that’s blokes who believe they’re not human but an animal, described in the OED as, “a form of madness”. But trust me, we have our share of them, mostly to be found in asylums.

In the announcement, initiated by Green co-leader, James Shaw and his co-leader, surprise, surprise, ticking all the boxes being a maori and a woman, Shaw, the Statistics Minister said, “information gathered needed to reflect the diversity Aotearoa was lucky to have.”

So there you have it. The existence of a tiny percentage of the population confused about their gender is a bonus for us. Needless to say Shaw never explained how and why.

More supporting waffle came from a Rachael Milicich, the deputy government statistician.

“Our rainbow communities are a key part of our identity as a country and it’s really important they’re properly represented in the data we gather.”

How they’re a key part of our identity understandably Rachael didn’t explain, nor why it’s really important they’re represented in the data gathered. The fact is that’s a hollow statement she simply made up.

Collating and publishing this nonsense is an unnecessary cost to the tax-payer.

Censuses fill a useful purpose in understanding the composition of society, but for God’s sake, there should be no place for irrelevancies.

Bear in mind we’re not talking about lesbianism or homosexuality, but instead a miniscule percentage of people suffering under the delusion they’re born into the wrong gender. I genuinely feel sorry for them as their lives are hugely handicapped.

But knowing how many there are is about as important as knowing how many people don’t eat carrots. In other words, it’s totally unimportant.

I suspect the Greens will be swept aside in the coming election as the parlous economy will dominate people’s voting intentions.

Should that happen, hopefully a new genuine Green Party will emerge, solely concerned with green issues. The current lot are political fraudsters spawned from the collapse of Jim Anderton’s New Labour living in the past no-hopers.

Although he never said so publicly, I know for a fact Jim saw the light and recognized the merits of the market economy by the time he took office in the Clark government.

How do I know? First by his actions and second because he told me. In particular he saw what the hopeless Bolger government never did, specifically the unbelievable wrongness of our 1990s monetary policy. Jointly with realist Michael Cullen they quietly 100% reversed it leading to a long awaited economic resurgence.

The dregs and flotsam of his abandoned New Labour flocked to join the Greens and albeit a minority and not withstanding the opposition from some occasional quality Green MPs, have dominated the Party’s agenda ever since.

Winston has done an excellent job thwarting their efforts in the coalition, thus they’ve been reduced to silliness such as recording the tiny number of people unhappy with their gender.

What a legacy!


True. Bloody true.

The name of a political party is its brand. If a cigarette company branded its cigarettes “The Healthy Cigarette” or used that as its name, they would be in court (and maybe their Directors in jail under OHS) within minutes. But political parties are allowed to lie with their name with impunity. Whether it’s the National party spending money on trying to get rid of the National Flag, or the Labour Party refusing to represent the labour of hundreds of non-unionised labourers both employed and self- employed, or the Green Party not disbanding having achieved all of their original aims (read the original manifesto some time, it’s now part of every party’s policies) they are all behaving in ways that they have quite rightly made illegal for everyone else.
Political parties should be numbered, not named, and have to let their actual policies and achievements speak for them, as all of us have to.

Always remember Bob Jones’ description in his 1978 book, “New Zealand the way I want it” of the 1970s precursor to the modern Greens, the Values Party which still applies: “the modern day Children’s Crusade”. 😂

Their ‘ tax on wealth’ is madness. Picture this: your elderly parents have lived in the same house for the last 40 years. Because of its location-Auckland,Tauranga,ChCh or wherever-its now become worth $1.5m. But they don’t have much cash money. Theyr’e both on the Govt superannuation. Under the greens crazy plan, your folks will be hit with a $15,000 tax bill EVERY YEAR. Thats about $300 per week. On top of any other tax they have to pay. So almost 50% of their superannuation will have to go to pay the greens wealth tax, so they can pay it to someone who hasn’t worked, saved, invested etc etc..and it gets worse. If your folks have a house worth $2m ( and thats not hard in many suburbs right now )their ‘wealth tax’ will be a massive $40,000 EVERY YEAR. Thats $800 a week. Most probably all of your folks superannuation. Crazy in the extreme. Can’t wait for Todd Muller to start broadcasting these figures. And he will. So will ACT. So if the greens and labour do manage to form the next govt..alone..God help us all. It might be you !!

    The tax is only paid on the value above $1m I believe and for assets over $2m, the first $1m is taxed at 1%. Still I agree, it is a ridiculous concept.

      OK got that thanks. A poorly put together news release. The greens can keep up all of these stupid ideas. Even France and Germany and Sweden have seen how difficult and pointless these ‘wealth taxes’ are. Next dumb idea please greens? Your’e helping ACT every time you release shit like this

Yes, Several years ago, at the national field days, I spoke to the Green party rep and told him that they should really be named the “Red Party”.
To my suprise he absolutely agreed with me and even told me that he wished that was their name.
Nice to meet an honest though misguided politician.

Does anyone remember James Shaw’s maiden speech to parliament? He expressed outright his belief in the power of free markets to do wonderful things (in other words he’s not blind). His party was furious of course. A couple of days later he came out and said “capitalism is dead”.

Welcome to the Green circus. Who knows what they really believe. Who knows what they’re really trying to achieve.

-Tip on anthropogenic global warming: Even if it’s real, the weather can’t change much due to the massive thermal inertia of the oceans. In 100 years when it could *possibly* make a pleasant difference, it will be the least of our concerns. Scare over. Instead just enjoy the abundant plant growth from the extra CO2. Happy green days.

If Jim Anderton had seen the light then why did he throw away over a billion dollars (and counting) on a worthless government owned bank that caters solely to ignorant xenophobes. As with Winston’s baubles it’s simply a huge corrupt personal vanity project that you and I have to pay for.

Bob – You have a lot to say but when will you actually say say something positive and worthwhile?
Maybe something like, humanity is destroying itself and the planet and until the nations of the world can agree on limiting the perpetual economic and population growth – we are fucked.

A few years ago, being a hunting/shooting/fishing type of guy and getting long in the tooth, wanted to join the Green party to do my bit for the environment. What a shock… I found a group dominated by neo-Marxist ideology, mixed with weird reverse racist ideals and sadly little in the way of fighting the real causes of our environmental decline. My next visit was the Sustainable NZ party with far more sensible ideals but zero hope of making an impression at the next election. They’ll get my party vote, but looks like I’m back to the Nats to get us out of this deepening financial hole we’re in, and back to the environment when that’s sorted out.

The Greens are a total failure as a Green Party. If a real green party would emerge, The Greens would be consigned, as they should be, to history

Slightly off topic, but still good fun, there is a recognised condition of
lupislipophobia – Urban Dictionary.
“Lupislipophobia- The fear of being chased by timber wolves around a kitchen table on a newly waxed floor while wearing socks.
Surely the Party in question ought best be described as Watermelons? Green on the surface, Red just below…

Being thankful to Winston for restricting the insane Greens is similar to thanking the mafia. He’s responsible for their influence as he chose Labour in the first place. Its obvious Jacinderella will be greening Labour as much as she can.
NZ first is the “protection” against the threat. We were completely duped by a bunch of narcissistic thugs and now have to deal with insane crap from the lunatics attempting to take over the ship, with the captain actively encouraging the mutineers.
Wake up you dopey crew!!

Communism was masterfully re-branded Green. Exploiting a populist naïve young support base. Most, having already been brainwashed by our left entrenched education system. Somehow, someway, many interpret the Green party as being representative of environmental issues. And, to some extent the greens do have an environmental agenda. Be it the greenies environmental persona, may be more politically motivated, rather than environmental. What I find is failing is National’s inability to expose the Greens for what they are, Communist. What is needed is a truly Environment party, if that’s what the people want?

Bring back The NZ Party?

There is a reason the Greens are known as the Watermelons – they may be Green on the outside but they are Red on the inside.

Strange isn’t it how our population and our politicians are represented by their association with the colour spectrum .We have
Red :Rainbow Community -say no more at your peril
Red :Communist and Labour who are worryingly sliding away from their former reasonably centrist position
Green :but really Communist and not remotely effective thankfully and a home for useful idiots .
Black :NZ /Winston First disappointing in their own way with a bauble propensity covered up by loud and extraordinary claims (remember the Russian Sub reliably seen in Wellington harbour!!)Both the leader and the Prince of the Provinces imbued with the wily rat cunning ,sense of humour and entitlement genetically programmed into Maori and fortunately for us somewhat pragmatic .
Blue:National and currently wet like the ocean who dont project a position of standing for anything at this point.
Yellow :Act who have been anything but yellow .Grown up enough to not give a hoot about the precious offenderati and coming up with good ideas and promoting them ,have probably been the most effective current one man band parliament has ever seen despite the approbrium of our left leaning media and establishment.
The nut jobs have available to them orange and violet should they emerge and lay a claim as I’m confident they will.
We cant change the colour spectrum but fortunately we can change our representation so let the fun begin as the ride should be exciting for all.

The trans and gender wars are entering new levels of lunacy. Apparently lesbians that refuse a “lesbian with a penis” are now despicable transphobes. I’m sure Marama, having already pissed off the feminists, will be keen to stand by our “trans whanau” on this one. The loony left are eating each other – and not in a good way.
“The LGB Alliance is a growing group of lesbian, gay and bisexual people who feel let down by the approach of the mainstream LGBT organisations like Stonewall. In recent years, without any consultation, Stonewall has redefined the term ‘homosexual’ to mean same ‘gender’ attraction rather than same-sex attraction, so as to be inclusive of those who identify as transgender. But the upshot is that you can fall foul of the Stonewall stasi for objecting to the claim ‘some lesbians have penises’. Naturally, this has come as a surprise to actual lesbians.”

I’m unapologetically biased, but when are we going to see the sort of support The Sustainable New Zealand Party deserves. It provides a sensible, broad-appeal approach to environmentalism. Help us put this option before the voting public this election. Read more….https://sustainablenz.org.nz/…/neither-left-nor-right-but-…/

National needs to get with the program. Start putting forth real environmental policies, and desperately need a human face to important environment issues many NZers are concerned about. Unless, national comes up with a viable alternative vote to the perceived Green (peace) party. NZ’s Commy party (Greens) will have their way. With the pleasure of Labour, who though sympathetic, feel more comfortable at arms length from the Reds, I mean Greens. Though lately, who knows? Because simply, team of 5 million, too ignorant to see the forest because of the trees!

Green shirts…. Red singlets… what’s not to like ?

hey, apparently oil is occurs naturally – and is made from plants! …. wonder where those plants got the carbon from, we should probably put it back.

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