Ngapuhi leader David Rankin gets angry about the mainstream media’s soft-soaping with maori hypocrisy.

He issued the statement below in response to the contrived fashion-following maori furore over statues such as Captain Cook.

Needless to say the mainstream media all ignored it.

That said, David could recount his own mob’s history of invasion, killing and eating numerous vanquished tribes etc. Ngapuhi may well have been the most war-mongering killers of all, not the least as they were first to get their hands on muskets and that was the key to their success.

But that was two centuries ago and knowing Rankin, he’d be the first to admit it.

He’s a regrettably too rare voice of honesty in the maori world of bogus Waitangi claims.



A great Maori writer whom I follow with pleasure.
The fact that he upsets the Maori autocracy by telling the truth is a huge bonus.

not to mention the most popular haka written by a slaver, cannibal, committer of genocide, and taker of land!… more white slaves taken by north africans (barbary states / pre morroco, algeria) than were ever shipped to north america.

history is ugly violence…

The idea that a son can inherit his father’s criminal record is mad…until, that is, you discover the idea can be profitable.

-To hell with ALL historic grievances. Thank you. We are not our ancestors.

I guess fairness, an eye for an eye etc., runs in the Rankin family. David Rankin’s father (I presume) was my primary school teacher in Kaikohe about 65 years ago. The father- teacher was Mr. H.H.Rankin (Hone Heke Rankin) and at the end of the school year each boy had to strap Mr. H.H.R. the same number of times as he had received during the year. And thus all was equal and forgiven but definitely not forgotten after all those years.

Rankin is enlightened and I listen to most things he has an opinion on. Just a small point in respect to the upcoming request to local authority to have the TW Marae taken down – it is the Waikato District Council not the Hamilton City Council jurisdiction.

Ngapuhi are the worst single killers of Maori in history.

The concept that living people are financially liable for the behaviour of their ancestors is ridiculous. If I have to pay back what Sir Francis Drake stole from the spaniards I will need to borrow more than the NZ Government!

Totally agree with Bob and Rankin.
This can of worms may never end.
History , good and bad , from every personal point of view cannot be changed , whitewashed [ unfortunate term of phrase of course ] or expunged so let’s all agree to just call it ” history ” and try to be more tolerant and move forward.
We can’t forge ahead if we are always looking in the rear view mirror and trying to right wrongs from the past.

I agree Goose but can’t help thinking that some of the brutality of the Maori Land Wars may still have to be “sanitized” for modern and general consumption !
” Warts and all ” can be a powerful message from history that is sometimes hard to acknowledge.
And right there is where the conversation gets difficult.
If we are going to “bring it” we have to be prepared to “BRING IT”.
Do you think we can all agree on that ?

    markscreaminggoosearmstrong July 19, 2020 at 3:27 pm

    I have no problem with any dissemination of factual information – warts and all is in my view essential for NZers to know the truth and understand – but of course not necessarily agree with – Maori thinking. Where violence and bloodshed are involved we do need to protect the young from that.
    And hey, wars are hell and people do things they would not do in other less stressful circumstances, but we all need to own our actions and acknowledge and understand the actions of our forebears.
    Withholding information about wrongs in the past is wrong and makes things like holocaust denial more prevalent, whether we are proud of them or ashamed of them. Pakeha in our society have clearly enjoyed advantage from breaches of the Treaty with Maori suffering disadvantage from those same breaches, hence owning and addressing breaches is important.

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