The Herald’s weekly columnist Matt Heath wrote on Monday, “…me and a local mate pumped a lot into the local economy.”

Me nearly had a heart attack reading that. It’s unbelievable.


‘All of us mes done had one too’.

Agreed. Ridiculous to suggest Journalists have mates…

Hahaha – the lunatics have left the asylum. Where Johnny had had had, Sally had had had had. Had had had had the teachers approval. The had lad felt sad. So do I. Maybe English is Matt’s third language … ?

    Just found that one? Now try and put five pieces of ‘and’ end to end (in a grammatically correct sentence).

What has happened to the fourth estate in this country? They can’t even be bothered using spell check!

Yous don’t get it!

What do you expect from someone who’s real name is Leslie

Very odd bit of kit, that one. I have to force ‘me’self to read his column (occasionally) and whenever ‘me’ do I invariably come away with a ‘something not quite right here’ feeling … and it’s not entirely the lack of literacy ‘thingy’.

…and I wager they’re out on a pro(d)ject.

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