Judith’s first act has been to promote Dr Shane Reti and punish Michael Woodhouse by making him the Pike River Recovery shadow minister.

Given that the government has wisely abandoned recovery attempts, the message is clear. Michael must go into the mine personally and single-handedly pull out the bodies.

Woodhouse told the media he was “absolutely delighted” with this brief. Yeah right! Where’s the Tui billboards when you need them?

More to the point, I’m picking Judith will do something I’ve urged our newspaper editors to do for years, namely introduce a morning caning to sharpen everyone up.


Block your nose and use an icecream scoop. You’ll have the bodies up in no time.

Labour and its propaganda machine ( newhub, herald, stuff etc ) will be desperately trying to find something to discredit JC with…they even dragged the weirdo hagar out from under some rock somewhere last night….I’m waiting for Judith to appear on tv wearing a blue hat with MNZGA across it. I’d buy one if they want to fund raise!! Luckily she’s been around too long to put up with too much crap from would-be ‘ reporters’.

Two Hills Bunker Breaking News
‘Sir Bob with respect, how about supporting the ‘Underdog’.?
NZPP -New Zealand Public Party.
Billy Te Kahika
Gaining a lot of traction…
Could be a ‘freak of nature’………TICKFORDNZ

Yes, JC seems ideally positioned to put that silly little child (JA), back in her place where she belongs. The back benches. JA’s star power may not be so glitzy. Finally, Claire Trevett (NZ Herald), gave National some lime light, and amazingly some negative press for Cindy.

did woodhouse actually say he was delighted or are the MSM putting words in his mouth?

Sir Bob, your two articles on Thursday made me laugh. Thank you!

I still recall boarding school caning which was certainly preferable than the housemaster taking his five metre run up with the size 12 sandshoe. Those were such happy days.

Did I not say in this very blog that National had no show unless they pushed Judith Collins out front ?
They are still a long shot but let’s see what happens.
She is smart and she is sassy and a proven political operative.
She just needs to be exposed to a more cognitive audience and unrestricted by the usual clickbait journalism and seven second sound bites.

You have to love how Judith converted a question concerning Nicky “Receiver of stolen goods” Hager into an advert for her own book.

Somebody needs to remind the left they “need to be kind”. Very angry nasty people already looking to discredit Collins on talk back radio. Just amazes me how the “naturally socially kind” show their true nature when their theories are proven rubbish.
Not only has Cinderella “overly” indebted the country, she has now introduced apartheid to our health system and will overlook the destruction of our engineering industry… “Lets destroy farming and mining while we’re at it”.
Labour and looney Greens for the worker !!!

Sorry Sir Bob, got to say this.
Nicky Hager showing his face again at election time…what a total arsehole. If our glorious leader had any conscience AT ALL she would tell him to go away…she won’t. The average person must see this prick for exactly what he is. Yes, his actions show this.

Never go to the beach with Nicky Hagar. He’ll find a conspiracy under every rock.

My left wing friends tell me that Judith Collins has baggage. He who is without sin… yes, being a natural leader, she will energise the National Party and send Cindy back to the 5th form (Year 11) where she belongs. Preferably the economics class.

I was caned by prefects at school and was a fag for one. It actually made me a better person and helped build up the camaraderie between the same year boys who experienced the same. Most of my year are still friends/acquaintances and we still help each other out when we can even after 40 years

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