Recently there was a Federal by-election in Australia in the Labour-held marginal seat of Eden-Monaro. In a tight race Labour scraped back, thanks to the Greens preferential votes going their way.

But note this.

The Australian Greens leader Adam Bandt remarked afterwards, “the result sent a clear message to the government about acting on climate change.”

THE CLEAR MESSAGE: The Greens vote dropped by a third from 9% to 6%.

As in New Zealand the Australian Greens are making little political headway when if global warming is as serious as they insist, which it is, then they should be doing a lot better. But as here, their fixated attachment to the Labour Party disqualifies them from being treated as a true Green Party, which they’re not.

The absurdity here is there’s very little difference between Labour and National but to treat one as a pariah disqualifies them and their Green message from being treated seriously. In the New Zealand context, they’re an extreme left-wing Party with a “Green” appendage.

I have no doubt that in the ranks of both main Parties there are numerous MPs with a strong Green personal agenda. If the Greens see a Parliamentary role then that should be to go into coalition with any majority Party so as to push their agenda. The indisputable fact is they’re frauds.


Couldn’t agree more !
They are the communist party!
Unfortunately as our schools no longer teach history the youth of today have no concept of that means. They preach A Utopian vision but will deliver Orwell’s 1984

i’ve said that for years …. your spot on your spot on Sir Bob.

OMG I’ve said that especially since the last election. Had they gone in with National they would have been able to work their so called cause. But instead ranked as number three behind NZ First in the Labour coalition they have just established themselves as a Labour offshoot.

    Had they even talked to National, the NZ First would not have been able to negotiate they deal they did. By being so 1 eyed they hurst their now prospects

Yes agree.
Dangerous radicals prepared to do anything for power.

Hello Sir Bob Jones. Judiths due a chance, do you think? It’s the right way to circle the opposition. Have you caught up with Sir John Key recently. I have “bomb” barded his instagram account. Another tool. Like Facebook. Owned by Mark Zuckerberg. He’s an interesting character. A versitile bomb himself. Through insta a message was sent about a slice of paradise. Out of my budget though Sir.

America… NZ & Britain I see. Are you able to share some knowledge on this allegiance. Adams and 8 Red coats saved the day but NZ… Where’s the tie to Britain?
Kind regards.

Rhys Adams

Totally agree with you. They are the watermelon party, green on the outside but totally red inside. Thousands of National party voters would vote Green if they were a genuine green party but they have been totally ambushed or taken over by the extreme left people such as Minto et al. The leader James Shaw has a, presumably, carefully planned conservative, sensible image but his actions are as weirdly left as the rest of them. Their proposed wealth tax might be sensible if they proposed to use it to repay the massive debt growing in the country because of Covid expenditure and losses, however, that is not even mentioned. Instead they want to give it all away on some sort of “don’t bother working” universal income for everyone. No party has ever looking like polling 50% in elections, heaven help us all if we end up with a Labour Greens coalition without some sort of tempering influence by David Seymour. The best we can hope for is that the Greens miss out and their loony left policies aren’t presented to hinder Covid recovery.

The RED party would be a more fitting name for them, can not imagine anyone with more than 10% of a brain voting for such a pack of fraudsters.

markscreaminggoosearmstrong July 18, 2020 at 1:50 pm

Agreed Sir Robert. The Greens are a bit like their Department of Conservation; almost completely failing to act in the interests of the majority of people they represent.

100% correct. I have been saying this for a couple of years now. What really annoys me is that they have purloined the Greens tag when in reality all they are is a rather extreme left wing party. If they were serious about environmental issues they would look to work with any party that was able to advance their cause. It is my fervent hope that they are consigned to oblivion after this election

The watermelon party. Green by appearance but red on the inside.

So true , radical left pushing their extreme beliefs hv corrupted the greens , too hard to get them out of the party so here’s the option . To hell with the greens , start the ENVIRONMENTAL PARTY, n attract the green element within the greens , n refuse to hv anyone with an external agenda . Openly state will work with any party , Which will leave the radical left on their own to form ….. social credit ; )

If the Green Party were honest they would change their name to “The Communist Party of New Zealand”. After September 19th, I’m expecting a Labour -Greens coalition government. Their house tax (if Labour is stupid enough to agree to it) will punish the elderly like no other government before it. They will be a one-term government.

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[…] I have no doubt that in the ranks of both main Parties there are numerous MPs with a strong Green personal agenda. If the Greens see a Parliamentary role then that should be to go into coalition with any majority Party so as to push their agenda. The indisputable fact is they’re frauds. – Sir Bob Jones  […]

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