Scarcely a day passes without our dying newspapers publishing something about Harry and Meghan. The items are invariably empty speculative nonsense.

Now I’m always happy to look at photos of Meghan although unfortunately they’re marred by including a ginger bearded bugger in the shot and no-one wants to look at that.

But here’s my point. Do New Zealanders care really about these two, or indeed any of the royals? I’d have thought the evidence overwhelming that they don’t.

It’s long past time we dropped the British monarch as our Head of State. The general comments from politicians is we should address the issue following the Queen’s death. I ask why wait, aside from which I can’t imagine her caring as she’s been through this before with many other Commonwealth countries, and anyway, if she does care, well bad luck.

On the subject of anachronisms, equally as bad is the Commonwealth. Of its 54 member states we have nothing in common with 50 of them and additionally, with most, the word wealth is certainly not applicable.

The sole function of the Commonwealth is to provide bogus pretend jobs for bludgers and tax-payer funded jaunts to nonsensical Commonwealth Parliamentary conferences.


Given a choice of any past President of the likes of the USA, or worse, verses the Queen, it’s a no brainer.
As a Republic would we all have to return our Queens Honours ????

We don’t have to care about her in order for he to be an effective head of state. Would you prefer the powers of the Queen be given to someone like Helen Clark? I wouldn’t.

    Erm, if Helen Clark was the Governor General she would have the same powers as QEII.

    Nonetheless you make the good point it is best to have a (non-executive) head of state who at least does not divide, including due to a previous party political career. For that reason Keith Holyoake was a poor choice as GG. But the worst was Paul Reeves who deluded himself that he did – or should – have executive power.

Many of them have a barely functioning democracies as well.

You are improving with age Bob – just like a good wine!

The british monarch should be replaced with a King of New Zealand, and that King should be me. Then we would propose (massively).

Diane. I love hearing about the Royals. (Harry and William , Diana’s boys) dont like Charles and Camilla after the way Diana was treated. Cant wait for Andrew to be done and punished. Cant’t stand the Duke he’s evil. I say good luck Harry and Megan. Go William I hope he is King next.

News media is simply catering for that sector of readership. Which, now, no longer has a means by which to satisfy their Royal trivial pursuit. Unfortunately, we now have to sustain the barrage of Royal, scandal, pomp,and ceremony, normally exclusive to the defunct women’s rags. As, we will all soon, need to know all about, fat, fashion, children, royals, and famous Hollywood types. I have to say my guilty pleasure is reading about the Prince Andrew scandal.

Dont agree. Civil Wars have been fought to ensure power rests in governments whilst the titualr head (The royalty) is effectively a concept. It seems to work quite well so why change it. The Commonwealth is a bit tired now however. I think the reason the media focus on Meghan is that flash bulbs may cause Harry the Ginger to spontaneously burst in to flame.

    Good point re royalty Colin. The King/Queen is a figure head, a manifestation of the concept of the nation. In Thailand recently I noticed how the different ethnicities and religions (even the Muslims) all seemed to get on so well. I put it down to a sense of national identity over and above other aspects of their identity. That concept of “Thai-ness” is incarnated in the revered royal family and is on the currency and in many public places as a reminder.
    It works for them.

New Zealand likes to think it’s an egalitarian, classless country. But you put your finger on it Bob. Can’t be that and have a bloody Queen, too. Lets a certain few feel entitled and superior…

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