AUT Associate Law Professor Khylee Quince (I didn’t make that name up although she may have done) has begun a fortnightly column in the always excellent Saturday Dominion-Post.

She opened the batting last week with a piece on school kids wearing hair styles contrary to school rules and gave us this pearl of creationism.

“Freedom to wear your hair as you wish is an important human right.”

God help us all. Freedom to wear your hair as you wish is most certainly not a human right, not the least as there’s no such thing as human rights.

There are legal rights and that’s all. So-called human rights are simply a wish list for which there seems to be no end to regular new announcements.

I suspect Khylee’s real name is Sharlene. I have a daughter bowling through a law degree in Melbourne, very much contrary to my advice. I’ll send this article to her as confirmation that she will learn nothing at uni’.


I saw one the other day. “[B]eing referred to [by gender pronoun] correctly is a basic human right”. LOLs.

I think our human rights are basic:-Good water, food and shelter otherwise we’re lower than animals.

    rogken These are not rights ,they are desirable requirements and in fact we are members of the animal kingdom in the mammalian classification space and some of our species are indeed lower than animals given their obvious lack of intellect and behavioural endeavours

    Some VERY wise men once left it at “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”….It takes an age of uncharacteristic plenty like ours, for people to forget how utterly impractical it was for most of humanity for most of history, to expect to be guaranteed anything by others, that came at a pecuniary cost to those others.

Sir John Salmond in the 1916 version of his Jurisprudence tells us that a right is not a demand. Progressivism- Dworkin’s rights miasma- will be the downfall of the rule of law and clear principled thinking.

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