Biden has predictably chosen Kamala Harris as his running mate and thus, probably President in four years time. Her selection seemed a no-brainer as she’s a goer with first-class credentials and was a standout among the female contenders to whom he’d foolishly confined his selection.

I say foolish as openly prescribing a female running mate screamed of patronising tokenism. How much more dramatic would the impact had been had he simply picked Kamala from the full field.

That said, her garrulous acceptance speech grated. To be sure it wasn’t of the “Be Kind” ilk for which in all of human history there’s no precedent for such infantilism being inflicted on a nation. But she did go on a bit.

One thing that irks is the constant tiresome media representation of her as black, and even worse, as a “woman of colour.” First, she’s not bloody black but has an enviable tan complexion. And as for this “of colour” crap, show me another human being whose skin is not a colour. It’s time this clumsy term was abandoned.


Agree with your sentiments Bob but disagree with your first sentence.
Both Trump and Biden find it a challenge to complete a coherent sentence.
Due to cognitive failure I believe Harris will become President well before June 1st 2021.

You are absolutely correct about ths colour crap. What they are really saying is that even though she has african ancestory which makes her a bit thick and really slightly inferior we will be patronising and use this to get some more votes. I actuaally find all this racial reference to be insulting to all the coloured people, our family has almost every race represented in it and we are all equal.
It is not race that is a problem, it is culture.

Shes part Asian Indian and Jamaican parents are Professors lived alot of her young life in Canada

Actually Obama chose Kamala Harris and she was chosen over a year ago
The Obamas now run the DNC and will for awhile more
Any Biden Presidency will be a proxy Obama Government
All of Obamas team will be back.
Yep, Rice, Brennan, Clapper, Powers but no Hillary. She’s out now.
It will back to the spend spend spend economics and the huge Geopolitical mess Obama created.
Remember how Obama Biden and Clinton’s actions have now resulted in Russia controlling most of Libya?
More of that.
Good times

Just be grateful you’re born white, Robert. You’re the only species that doesn’t have to beg to be seen as equal.

    Beg to be seen as equal? Give us a break! I think white people who think ‘others’ have to beg to be seen as equal join the ranks of the true racists. While I consider it incidental I’m white I can say I am completely comfortable understanding we’re all equal. Just get on with living that way, otherwise you’re perpetuating an inferiority myth.

      I think you missed the sarcasm.

      Though it’s true that the idea of brown ‘inferiority’ is relentlessly promoted by the countless white people who believe they should be given special treatment. They love to feel big sticking up for the little people…that is, the people they see *as* little.

      markscreaminggoosearmstrong August 22, 2020 at 2:24 pm

      You have no idea Steve. It’s not your fault you have really do have no idea, just like the huge majority of pakeha NZers. But unless you read this book or similar non-fiction then you will remain be choosing to remain ignorant and choosing to be in denial.
      Read this book, try to deny the historical references to legislation (and weep) :”Healing The Breach – One Maori’s Perspective on The Treaty of Waitangi” by Hemi Tauroa.
      Read it. I dare you. Man up NZers and read the best wee summary of our history of land dealings I have yet found. And write a rebuttal if you can and I will most certainly read your rebuttal. The only person(a) I know who could and would be able to write
      such a rebuttal would be the current president of the U.S.A.

There is an obvious solution to this problem.

Sir Robert ought do a “Rupert Murdoch”, move to New York, and run for President. I suggest Arnold Schwarzenegger would be an ideal running mate and together Sir Robert and Arnold could make the world great again.

The one flaw I see with this proposal is that Sir Robert, as the first US President since Bill Clinton who is intelligent, decisive and economically literate, might inadvertently cause a premature end to the pandemic of natural selection catch-up sweeping the US.

Her Jamaican roots are likely from slaves to add to the conflagration.

markscreaminggoosearmstrong August 18, 2020 at 11:33 am

Sir Robert, you’re a reader. Please read “Healing the Breach: One Maori’s Perspective on the Treaty of Waitangi” by Hiwi Tauroa and let me know what you think.

I agree Biden was showing his age and aging brain cells by failing to select his pre-chosen candidate from a full list. Dumb move especially in the current U.S. political climate – he certainly lost some votes there that you would have pocketed in his situation, Sir.

NB Sir Robert, two posts of mine to your “The Pandemic” thread are still awaiting moderation even though many made subsequent to mine have been moderated and accepted. What’s going on there?

Hope you enjoy this small token:

Through the prism of life

So it’s Black lives that matter?
Or people of colour, they chatter.
But black is not a colour —- or hue
But the absence of same which is true
Whereas those of us who are pink
Are a rainbow of colours, I think
For to go green with envy, and white with fear
Blue with the cold and cowardly yellow my dear
Red with embarrassment or purple with rage
Our actions are those that determine what stage.
And which colour of the rainbow we are.
So it’s a kaleidoscope of colours by far
So viewed through a prism
proudly presenting every hue.
We see things have risen
apart from such narrow a view.
So apologise not for the palette you’ve got
Just get off your butt and give life a shot.

Trump will win a second Presidential term Bob.

Totally agree with you Bob on the term ” people of colour ”
White is just a colour.
It is not not the ‘default’ setting.

Yet Kamala Harris is apparently NOT popular with non-white voters:
Perhaps they see her as non-authentic, or they regard race-based pandering as an insult to them?
I think you’ll enjoy a lot of the sentiments John Nolte expresses. Like:
“…If I ever use the phrase “People of Color” feel free to light my house on fire with me in it…”

Bob you forgot to mention what Willie Brown (Democrat, Ca) said how she rose up the political ladder

The Marxists who have seized control of the means of producing and disseminating ideas in America cannot, without betraying their cause, confer legitimacy on any conservative government. And they cannot grant legitimacy to any form of liberalism that is not supine before them. This means that whatever President Trump’s electoral fortunes, the “resistance” is not going to end. It is just beginning.

With the Marxist conquest of liberal institutions, we have entered a new phase in American history (and, consequently, in the history of all democratic nations). We have entered the phase in which Marxists, having conquered the universities, the media, and major corporations, will seek to apply this model to the conquest of the political arena as a whole.

She strikes me as an institutional animal through and through, maybe even with opportunistic tendencies.

But I find that irrelevant in the face of her ‘justice’ record with the many wrongful convictions of innocents.

That alone is understandably blood boiling, so I don’t know what to make of it all at this point, but she seems to be willing to say anything.

Harris is the ultimate flip flop, she’ll say anything when it suits her cause… Screams to believe “all women” ….. (except Tara McCabe)
Call’s Biden a racist a month or so back – Asked by Colbert how she can now back him, she laughs and said…. “It was Debaaate!!”
Do anything – Say anything

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