18 months or so ago, Wellington’s Dominion Post replaced its disastrous editor. There was a marked improvement although the new chap somewhat marred this for never explained reasons, by lapsing into maori in editorials and topics to an absurd degree.

Recently a new editor was announced, this a Kiwi woman with impressive international journalism credentials.

Seemingly readers are now to be treated as adults for today’s issue, reporting on the imminent Christchurch mosque sentencing, referred to Brenton Tarrant.

Hitherto the Dom’ had adopted the infantile approach of “protecting” readers from the horror of knowing the mass murderer’s name.

It’s very encouraging.


frederickwilliscroft August 19, 2020 at 1:48 pm

Another improvement would be getting rid of Jane Bowron who year after year seems to be obsessed with anything to do the National Party to the point of extreme tediousness. Yes we get she doesn’t like them but can’t she write about something else.
Also get rid of those dreadful cartoonists who are not funny and again are also obsessed with the National Party and occasionally Act. I would rather no cartoon or they could reprint from some of the UK papers. They mightn’t relate much to NZ but at least they are very funny.

    I echo your sentiments 100%. Worst offender among the cartoonists is Murdoch who is so bereft of the art of wit and satire that she needs to write out her anti National political statements as if her cartoon message is clear enough.

Sir Bob, your so-called infantile approach of “protecting” readers from reading the mass murderer’s name has nothing to do with readers.

There was an open letter signed by 147 criminologists, sociologists, psychologists and other human-behavior experts in the United States asking that the media stop publishing the names and photographs of mass killers as research has found that fame is a major motivation for mass shooters.

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