Our leading commercial real estate company Bayleys, produce a beautifully made, heavy gloss paper two-monthly publication entitled “Total Property.”

Its primary purpose is to list commercial buildings they have for sale across the land.

These listings are preceded by some articles, usually market commentaries, indeed I’ve written some over the years.

However, Bayleys have blundered badly with their latest issue’s article by instead of the usual market commentary, bragging about their company’s efforts to promote diversity. On the cover they show a photo of what I naturally assumed, given their diversity claim, were six chaps in drag. But alas, further reading revealed they were in fact females.

Bayleys simply aren’t up to speed in trying to be trendy and “with it.” In today’s world, claiming diversity requires a bevy of homosexuals, transsexuals, cripples, blacks, dwarfs and such-like. Including two maoris as they have done, won’t cut it as that’s old hat.

Still, it’s not too late to mend their ways and join the modern world.Capture


heh heh !!

Oh Sir Bob -long may your drollness continue.

I noticed a criminal (yes it’s coming) lack of racial diversity among the Maori Party’s candidates.

Going insane in L3 Auckland! August 21, 2020 at 2:56 pm

Gee Bob aren’t Bayleys one of your tenants? Be kind, they are part of our team of 5 million. I’m sure they went hard and early on ensuring diversity, and that they would now be pursuing the appropriate elimination strategy to ensure diversity.

Oh god, are they for real? Is there no end to this rubbish?

I thought they were very good looking actually.

True, true.

Very funny Sir Bob, you should be classified as a national treasure.

Diversity means that you need to include idiots, I assume that they have some of them

I am in disappointed in Bayleys as they have left out a most important demographic. As someone that identifies as a “mountain panda” I am mortified to see there are no fellow animals on the cover such as a giraffe or a wildebeest ( although it could be argued that the latter has been accommodated). If there is any creature that deserves a cover then it’s the majestic giraffe.

And to be fair, it’s quite difficult writing about commercial property right now from the point of view of selling it.

Six chaps in drag, of color?

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