I’ve spent eight decades ridiculing skybayers. This has resulted in a flood of bibles sent to me over the last half century, all then forwarded on by me from “well-wisher,” to diverse friends and acquaintances with the message, “This will help you in your time of need.”

But here’s a test for the bearded ballgown-clad bugger bowling about in cyberspace. If you really are calling the shots, explain bloody Trump. We can all make mistakes but you’re on notice sunshine. We need some divine intervention to ensure an absolute electoral massacre in November so stop playing about with angels or whatever you get up to pass the time in eternity.

You’ve stuffed up big-time this year with the bloody virus so it’s time to make amends. You’re on notice mate.


What happens when the vile behaviour of the woke Left is allowed to go unchallenged and unridiculed. This reality is why Trump will win in November.

    Exactly! I can’t understand why someone like Sir Bob, as clear as he is about progressive, woke, PC bullcrap, can’t see the Trump phenomenon as something God is “visiting” on this type of people. Does Sir Bob not enjoy the sight of snowflakes screaming at the sky? They’d scream anyway if any Republican were elected, but with Trump it is truly the deepest cut possible. I suspect many Trump voters “get” this. What have the Democrats learned since 2016? They’ve not only doubled down on the positions that cost Hillary in 2016, they’ve moved on to new lunacies. “Systemic racism” is now applicable to people with a black spouse and mixed-race kids, because the standard is that if you don’t support “burning down the current system because it produces unequal outcomes”, you are a RACIST. Actually what you ARE is an anti-communist, and that is precisely the point. The Democrats, or at least the progressive ones that are dragging the party around by the nose, protest that it is unfair to liken their aims to communism, but all they are doing is trying a new pretext for it. There needs to be a whole lot more clarity among confused ordinary decent people about this “systemic racism” ploy.

    Spot on Alan Wilkinson!! I usually agree with young Bob but on this occasion I think he has it wrong. Trump may be bad but currently any other candidates currently left standing are so much worse. In a roundabout way reminds me of that Churchill quote about democracy being a terrible form of government – until compared to all other methods!!!

    Had a look at your included article. Yes, we have allowed bullying to rule. And it’s terribly dangerous because nothing is more important that protecting free speech, to avoid toxic politics.

    A good example to test if you’ve got functional freedom of speech? Someone can second-guess the official holocaust story, objectively and respectfully, and not be character-assassinated for doing as much.

    That is no longer our standard.

    The Leftist bullies have ensured that certain things have to be true, regardless of whether of not they are in fact true. And that is a dangerous.

      When it comes to protecting and promoting freedom of thought and speech the ACLU is now a sad, bad, Lefty joke and Trump in his crazy way is the lone ranger against the massed forces of evil.

      That is why he will win.

As much as I enjoy your observations about life and love and things that orbit our existence I think that you falter when you step onto the spiritual plane. The Trump situation is explained by the concept of free will and understanding that a compassionate higher being assigns to mankind. You seem to believe that an omnipotent ‘god’ must by definition be all controlling and is therefore directly responsible for all that is good and bad in our world. That cannot be true – it denies the legitimacy of our existence and our ability to make choices. In my view, Trump is an expression of frustration by a community for which the great Amercian dream has just not worked for several decades now. He has squandered the opportunity given him for greatness, but for the morally outraged and economically depressed (and repressed) ‘middle America’, he remains a beacon of hope (and no pun intended). And not all that has occurred under his authority has been bad.

    Yeah, if there is a God he’s not in the business of divine intervention. That’s cool, because if I was God I wouldn’t want to interfere much either. Stand on your own two feet! lol.

check this link out and you might get a sense of why people might vote for trump. Maybe its a vote against the extremes of political correctness . At its extremes PC seems to have a complete lack of commonsense, and seems to be violent. ? ( Sadly, its probably not so much to do with the quality of the Man, himself.)

Interesting that by skybayers you really mean christians – why dont you have a go at muslims?

Dear Bob, you seem to know less about Goddess than those claiming to.As Magoo says you could also have a go at the Hindus, Mormons,Zoroastrians. i think Trump is the God to some people which aligns with what you are saying-or maybe not.

I found this post amusing, but probably not in the way that was intended.

This blog previously rated the politicians a slurpy 8/10. The politicians are precious. Be kind to them.

The beliefs of ordinary religious people don’t fare so well in comparison. They are simply ridiculed.

By the way, I’m not religious.

Job 38

Eight decades? Must have been an early start.

This brings to mind the book ‘History Has Begun’ which is one of the interesting takes on America I’ve encountered recently, the angle on politics for example makes a certain kind of sense.

    I think Trump will get back in because the Democrats have failed to furnish a robust alternative candidate. The job requires someone much younger, who is also on the top of their game, not a geriatric dementia patient. However, it’s not so bad. Obama was a war-monger who authorised many hundreds of drone strikes which killed hundreds of people, many of them not the target in question. He totally destroyed Libya, increased troop numbers in Iraq and got involved in new murderous missions in places like Yemen. Biden was his Vice President and must have been involved in at least some of this. He says he wants to restore ‘normal’ foreign policy. i.e.
    state sanctioned interference in other countries, including everything that goes with it- drone strikes, bombings and murder. Trump has withdrawn from much of this, the Iranian gentleman being the exception. He wishes to withdraw from the Middle East and has started no new wars. Tough for America, but the rest of us may very well be better off with Trump than Biden and his war-mongering friends.

Sir Bob, you mention from time to time that you are an avid consumer of book based knowledge, does that include the Bible? have you never investigated the contents for yourself? If you doubt that God exists would it be possible to potentially change your mind with fresh evidence and a fresh perspective or are you totally certain about it. If you’re certain, then why? Most people discount this belief because they see so much pain, suffering and ultimately their own demise and conclude that this “God is love” notion is just BS. Wouldn’t you agree that it could also mean that He hasn’t had the final say yet. The Bible teaches that God does not enjoy pain and suffering and is eager to bring these things to an end, but….the key point is it must be done in such a way as to ensure the same rebellious nature that is in all of us never arises again. How is that even possible? He has appointed a specific time period for life the way we want it and live it to play out. This gives the rebellion against his government sufficient time to mature and allows massive amounts of evidence to be collected which show what we are all capable of if left to descend into selfishness. It won’t happen again ( this is actually a Bible prophecy) because those that side with God will have such a clear evidential picture of rebellion against God that they won’t ever go down that road again. No more mumbling’s and murmurings of unfairness and “what are you upto God playing Golf again…what about us? ” The responsibility for all of it (the rebellion) will rest on Satan’s shoulders….he’s called the scapegoat the name which comes from a symbolic Israelite service and he will be terminated leaving no questions asked about Gods character because the judgement will be fully transparent. You probably think I am mad to believe this but I would say to you that this outcome is certain because a proper study of Bible prophecy shows a clear error free prediction of relevant historical geopolitics (foretold by Bible before it happened) and predictions of what is just in front of us, so why would it suddenly be wrong now?. Bottom line here Sir Bob is this. The truth about God is not church or religion. Grab a Bible, read the first coupla pages, now read the last coupla pages. What is revealed? Starts out , perfect world, full access to tree of life which enables immortality (access to the tree of life was removed due to the rebellion) then at the end of the Bible the perfect world is reinstated again (more prophecy) with full access to the tree, it says it’s leaves are for the healing of the nations…..I’m sure you’d agree we need that.

If you get an answer to that, a follow up question on Adolph Hitler could be revealing!

The experience of Donald Trump is all part of your spiritual development, Bob. The good Lord is teaching you to see beyond the surface. One day you will see that Trump is a wonderful man in spite of his glaring immaturity.

Roys the Name Truths the game September 2, 2020 at 5:36 pm

Like many seemingly sensible and analytical thinkers there seems to be something in your persona that throws this all out the window when the name Trump is mentioned. On referencing said name you descend in to what had been labelled Trump Derangement Syndrome.
For a man of your obvious intellect it is sad to watch TDS in action.
You are a very well read man Bob.
I am sure you understand why he got elected, and why he will probably get re elected.

Or are you perhaps just dissappointed he is not an accomplished Professional level Morris Dancer like your good self???

I am not sure what the likely outcome will be come November, but the woke left have been playing their stupid game of identity politics for quite a number of years, with massive input from the likes of CNN and the marxist US universities who have promoted all manner of woke behaviour. If DT is re-elected I will be rolling around on the floor laughing so I hard I will not be able to do anything else !! What goes around comes around

Well all I can say is that if God thinks Biden will be a match for POTUS on the campaign trail, then truly he works in mysterious ways…

Today anti Trump means pro Biden.

While I’m not invested in the election in the USA in any way, I’d be ashamed to support Biden.

Looks like the big feller up there in cyberspace was using his noodle when he spotted the US problem and gave Trump the nod? The ol’ bugger isn’t always onto it, I’ll give you that but he’s obviously hoping to claw back a few brownie points after screwing us over with the virus thingy.

Spent my youth being manipulated by an Irish Catholic who left a fair few scars.
Put the boot in to the pricks Bob.

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