A man’s body encased in concrete and buried deep under an Auckland house has been accidentally revealed by a digger excavating the site for a new owner.

The police advise they’re treating this death as suspicious. Well that’s a surprise. Let’s hope they’re not being too prejudgemental with that conclusion.


In 10,000 archaeologists will appreciate this practice of today.

I heard he died from Covid due to re-circulated air in the office tower where he worked. Apparently the landlord buried him as he didn’t want his other tenants to know but on the plus side, he was wearing a necktie, so he’ll be treated with great reverence.

Come come Bob , you are too cynical- possibly a construction worker fatality .

Hmmmm the ability to fall into your own concrete pour and trowel yourself off ,and somehow removing concrete source …..definitely suspicious … should have backfilled oneself as well … way to simplistic otherwise , alarm bells for me by jove

Apparently it is possible to commit suicide by jumping into a large vat of concrete.

I can still remember from 60 years ago living in Fiji. A decapitated body was found in a sugar cane field.
“The police suspect foul play”

A dead set suicide.


Adrian Knowles
Were/are you a High School English teacher. Taught in Whk. Taught me.

Po-faced statements of the bleeding obvious are not confined to NZ’s plods Sir Bob, it appears they abound everywhere. This just in from the UK (West Midlands Police), after a “random knife-man” went on a stabbing spree in Birmingham, killing one person and injuring 6 or 7 others:

Birmingham stabbings: Murder enquiry launched after one man killed and seven injured
We can now confirm that we’ve launched a murder investigation following the events in Birmingham city centre overnight.”

Thank goodness those clever coppers saw this was not a series of tragic accidents or multiple cases of self-harm.

Mind you, I’m not sure this explanation is going to fly, from the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson:

Jamieson said a rise in violence was “almost inevitable” as a result of the pandemic, with people “not being able to get out, and combine that with people who are now unsure about their future and about their jobs”.

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