It’s been a terrible year thanks to the Covid 19 crisis. We’re approaching a million deaths worldwide, millions of hard toiling small businesspeople have seen their lives’ efforts destroyed, unemployment will hit 1930s depression levels next year, massive government debts have been run up, and so goes.

But, is there a silver lining? Yes, absolutely, and a huge one, specifically we’ve not had to endure the insufferable Swedish Joan of Arc, Greta Thunberg.

For the record, I take global warming seriously but I don’t want to be hectored by children.

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While she has thankfully gone quiet, being caught out in hypocrisy helped .
However a new young female has arisen who extolls the virtue of eating babies ( as simply eating the dead is insufficient ) ..to offset world crowding and climate change.
She even reprsents a following, complete with printed T shirts .
Interestingly her views also come from Sweden so I wonder what they ingest during those long winters ?
If you don’t believe it there is videon youtube.

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