Our newspapers report without arousing any reaction, and I quote, “a surge in the number of people returning to New Zealand from India who have tested positive for coronavirus.”

In the early extreme panic stages a few months ago, a young MP, Hamish Walker, was forced into retirement with the tiresome New Zealand cries of racism when he made the same observation and asked why these infected arrivees should be sent to his electorate? Given the mood of the times and the pervading fear of the (then) unknown, it was a reasonable question. But with the racism baying in full flight, he was sent the factual evidence by National Party stalwart Michelle Boag, which he released to the media to prove his point.

The result; a disgraceful beat up leading to the termination of his career. So why was it racism then to point out the facts, but not now?

Surely an apology is due from the media who joyfully hounded Walker out of his career.


Bob, you fail to understand.
It is perfectly OK when the socialists / communists do it.

You really don’t know why Bob?
It has something to do with the desperate attempt by the left to secure votes.

Hamish Walker and Michelle Boag got the boot because they promulgated confidential health department data, not because of the statistical trends in the data. If either of them had taken the (not difficult) steps to anonymise the data, they would have still made their point and also maintained the privacy of the quarantined travellers involved.


    Any politician or political operative who leaks without ensuring their anonymity has failed a basic competence-test of their vocation, and deserves to go. If you can’t be trusted to ensure that basic and simple task, you can’t be trusted to have a direct role in running the country.

    Hence John Key (we never did find out who leaked those Don Brash Parliamentary “Hollow Men” emails) and Helen Clark (and everybody knows she made an art form of it) leaked to their advantage but made sure they were never caught.

    The public instinctively know that are being presented with a show by politicians (and the media too for that matter), but one of the tacit tests that all parties accept is that it is only an effective show if the audience don’t see the puppet strings. Because once the audience do, the politician has failed in one of the few things the public can truly assess about their ability.

      I agree. A good summary of “retail” politics vs. the unseemly spectacle of the sausage factory behind the curtains. Boag was well past her use-by date politically with a string of campaign failures but it was a shame that Hamish bungled his way out of a job for life.

    Yes true. Give me a name who was hurt by this? The name of someone with Covid. Woa is me. More like any excuse to hide the truth by the most open and honest Govt ever. Yeah right

The socialist pigs in the media do not care. But ring up Newstalk ZB tomorrow and ask the question so thousands more can hear it.

The huge flood of “permanent residents” back into NZ from Asia is due to NZ’s incredibly slack policies. You can get permanent residency after living in NZ for only 184 days over a 2 year period. You can then leave the country and not come back for 10 years or more – there is no residency requirements like normal countries. So, immigrants simply live here long enough to get their kids in free schools or buy up houses and other investment properties and then go home and don’t come back to live here. Yet they are still classified as “permanent residents” so can flee covid infested countries and just enter NZ with no restrictions. They also haven’t paid tax in years, if at all, so they get a free ride to all NZ benefits too. Ridiculous system!

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