Total Road Deaths to Date: 218
Total Coronavirus Deaths to Date: 25

NOTE: Thanks to the lockdown the road toll is down on past recent years.

Consistency and common sense (and doubtless Ashley Bloomfield) says we should forthwith ban all motor vehicles.

The government should set the Reserve Bank’s printing press going and buy them all up.

We can ship them off to African and other 3rd world countries in exchange for their wagons, carts and tow horses.

This makes so much sense we will all live for ever.



Bob, Julie – Anne Genter beat Ardern’s pet fan, Ashley to the punch.
This is what she demanded last year !

Attached is a free to read article from Financial times…. Its a good article

“That comes back to sustainability. Sustainability, to a certain extent, is to have ice in your stomach because you need to believe in the long-term effects of what you’re doing and not starting to doubt them too early,” he says.

Economist formerly practicing voodoo, rebranded for the modern era September 17, 2020 at 12:31 pm

For consistency, all motor vehicles should be put into lockdown, saving hundreds of lives. The government should print money to compensate those holding such assets. In old school capitalism the price of the assets would fall, but modern economics’ magic QE is designed perfectly to socialise losses for the rich. The value of their assets will soar instead. Future generations of poor people on wages will pay it back (The asset holders never have to repay the QE that made their assets soar in value, their gains are tax free, of course). The government should also be seen to help the poor too. Not actually help, you understand, but be seen to, it’s the kind thing to do. Print more money for wage subsidies for bus drivers and road workers now unemployed. They can put their newly printed money into Sharesies and invest in cars and garages to help the ‘economy’, now comprised mostly unproductive assets in a massive bubble outweighing silly things like businesses that make things and employ people. The foolish poor who choose to feed their families with the free money deserve to stay poor. That’s what the upsurge in foodbanks should be for. But they can at least be happy for the rich becoming stupendously wealthy. And some will flow back to them in due course via quantitative easing’s economic bedfellow, trickle down economics, aka the rich pissing on the poor. The rich might bestow the great warm joy by way of minimum wages tending to the weeds around the garages filled with gold-plated cars not going anywhere, saving lives.

All well and good; however, road crashes aren’t contageous.

    If I cross the centre line, I transmit the crash to you. If you fail to take evasive action, you transmit it to your loved ones.

    Comorbidities too. If the car behind you is travelling too close, driving too fast, in an unwarranted car with bald tyres, the driver is much more likely to catch it from you. And more likely to die from it.

    But bad driving appears to be.
    The more they go on and on and on about speed the slower people get.
    Happy for them to do 70 or 80 but pull over. Don’t flash your lights because someone passed you.
    Ohhh. And that bad driving causes road deaths.

But if we swap our cars for tow horses our government will have to pay huge consultancy fees to the like of EY, PWC and KPMG to separately develop immigration policies for the large number of farriers that our country is unable to supply.

I have to admit , I’ve had a golden run , but I’m feeling my will to live ebbing away.

And those 25 were on their way out anyway – experiencing a mostly pained quality of life.

Yes. The covid show has been a crime against humanity. And is there any money left now to make our roads safer, and to reduce our hospital waiting lists? A total. total. disgrace.

Sir Bob, the result will be different.
Like the gun buy back, people will sell their old compact (for Cindy dollars) and buy a new SUV and have some money left over.

It’s not just car deaths. I’ve just come back from A&E. A bad night with long waits. A discussion with my nurse informed me that Stroke numbers were up considerably. Living under constant stress and change can do that to an elderly person never mind Covid19. Will we ever get to see all of these stats I wonder.

Tow horses or electric bikes? They are out selling new car sales in NZ at present
E-bike popularity gathers speed as imports hit up to 20,000 Stuff headline reads. The article continues “I have a lot of older people buying these, and more people are using them,” The advantage I can see here for us older jockies is we don’t have to bend over to ‘pick up’ the excess horse power. The excess battery power is much easier to deal with, just ‘pick it up’ another day. The positive spin off is we live forever and fix the road toll in one hit. Now I have to go wash my mouth out as all this green epower rhetoric leaves such a bad taste.

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